April 30th, 2003


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I must be French ... or maybe Japanese? I love mayo, on a lot of things.

But whomever thought of putting mayo on a ham and cheese sandwhich rox ...

And I won a free 20 oz. Coke product! I still have like ... 8 or 9 of these winning cap dealies. Most of them are expired ... but last time I went to get a free coke and the cap was expired, they let me have it.

The great thing about Chicago is diversity. There's so many people crammed into such a small area that you get to see a lot of different people.

For example: On my way to get my delicious ham and cheese with mayo sandwich, I passed by Senator Kelly and a girl that looked like what I suspect Gackt would've looked like if he were ... 16. Or so.

Then seeing the Ryuiji "Ringu" guy in the Loop cafe and seeing my favorite teacher from high school.

I also bought a BoB Kozi tie at Jewel for $6! $6! And people buy $300 ties that look exactly like it ... pssh!

Fixed up my Haru tank top, fixed my Kozi cape (so you can actually see it from a frontal view), need to get my Oasis ... thing from Jen's place and fix that up today ... I don't think I'll have any time to make the Haru coat, so I'm going to be sort of a ... mix between the anime and manga. I need to find one of those stupid barbed wire fake tattoos to put around my arm.

Doritos remind me of my highschool and jr. high days ... sorta like those small single serving cartons of milk and PB&J sandwhiches.

I hope that MM girl on the 6th floor gets my little note. I don't think any of you understand how cool it is to know that a JRock fan lives in my building ... it's such a minority that I was SURE no one on my campus was a fan. The only people I know of are the ones I've influenced, like Jen, and then a few of Jen's friends at the Art Institute that are fans, but I don't know them all that well.

Now that I've got some caffiene in my system, maybe I can think of other things that need to be done ...

1) print out projects for tomorrow
2) go to Blemont and get more feathers
3) get Oasis stuff from Jen to work on
4) go to hotel and pay
5) work on math
6) call Betty and tell her my hours for this weekend
7) call Sam and see if I got into the theatre school or not (even tho I think I'm not going to be at DePaul next year ... )
8) alter Cheryl's skirt for her
9) make Kami's pants
10) move car out of "danger" zone
11) get boots out of trunk

and how many of these things are going to get done? Hmmm ... maybe like .. 2 ...

GAHHH!!! Scarey person... You must want me dead...

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The scarier, the better ... but not Klaha "Hi! I'm Michael Jackson!"scary ... nooo, not that!
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Oh ... shit ...

toshimasa READ THIS ***URGENT!***

Y'know, when everything is going so right, there's no bumps in the road, there's always a reason to worry. To panic. To flip out.

Well, that reason just reared its ugly stinking head.

Jen, Starrla and I went to the hotel today. Paid the first night off, went for a nice swim. We're walking back to the El, and Starrla (our Kami) asks, "Wait ... when's the convention again? What dates?"

I rattle it off really quick, because I'm a dork like that.

Starrla says, "Oh .... shit ... "

Not words someone wants to hear, especially me, especially concerning ACen.

"I have ... my graduation on that Saturday"

Fuck ...


Her graduation starts around ... 2, 3-ish. She'll be there at noon. Starrla can't be Kami during the day, but she promises that she'll make it to the Masquerade, as long as we can procure a really late timeslot for our skit. I'm sure they can let us have an acception or two. I mean, for Christ sakes, graduation?!

More added stress, something I do NOT NEED.

So ... we can't just be Kami-less for the rest of the day. That's when all of the good oportunities are to show off the costume! So ... Kaede ... we were thinking ... you could take her place ;_; during the day and such.

I figure that the coat will fit you pretty well. It sorta fits me, and I know I'm a bit bigger than you, so it will most likely fit you. It's a bit long in the arms as well, so it should fit you ... the only problem is ... the pants. I don't know if I can make pants that will be universally sized for both you and Starrla, but I can damn well try! They're baggy to begin with, so maybe if I make them sorta loose, but not baggy on Kaede, they'll be decently baggy on Starrla ...


Oh, and lilacwire we may need some help from your end as well ... are you bringing your Gardenia Klaha boots to ACen? And if so, are you wearing them Satruday? And if so, what size are they? If you haven't planned on bringing them yet ... could you? e.e;

I'm really freaking out now, and that's ... not good ... I'm really fucking tired, too.

And I smell like a rat >
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