April 22nd, 2003


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A good 40 minutes late to class because my roommate was having trouble with her Mac. It wouldn't save, it wouldn't open an IE window so I could send her file to my computer via e-mail ... bleh, oh well, the teacher understood our problem ... or he just seemed to understand it ...

cosplaylab.com used to be cool, now it's just getting really stupid. I hate paying for websites. I don't feel like my money is going to a good cause. If there's nothing physically gratifying about spending money on something, then I don't want to spend my money on it. That's why I haven't upgraded my LJ.

Now, you have to pay to search for costumes. WTF?!?!

And I have to delete my Harry Potter ones because they're not "Japanese" related. Bler ... oh well, not like anyone really cared about it. No one comments on any of my stuff.

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Wow ... 6 months using LJ and I just figured out what that ... does next to the update journal link -_- phooey

My posse need to get their collective arses online. Granted they have http://www.l33tnoodles.com [/shameless plug] and don't need LJ, but it would be lotsa fun if they were on here. Especially Baby.

Wee, interview tomorrow! I'm still not sure which items I want to take with me to the interview.

My mom suggested Gekka Kozi (all of it), and then I wanted to bring freshly cleaned Vash and then either the Halloween Pope costume I made for Drew or my Myaku Kaoru dress. I only need 2 or 3 pieces. And technically, Kozi is 3 pieces in itself ... hat, pants, tunic-thing. But it's one costume.

I hope this lady Janet isn't a super nazi. I heard that she is not very big on showing emotion. So, when I show her my stuff, I'm expecting a deadpan expression, when I want something that's a bit more ... expressive.

Mmmn, vanilla Coke ...

Tomorrow I'm also going to the hotel to go swimming and write a check for first night's payment. No checks have arrived yet :/ I may have to ask dadums for a small loan, and then just give him my paycheck money this weekend ... grr, I know I'm going to be SO strapped for cash ... grrr ... I have 2 paydays before ACen, and only working on the weekends, I won't be surprised if it's far less than $200 each check ... grrr, hate to ask 'rents for money, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to >< At least until I can give them my next 2 paychecks *huff*

The Matrix movie's are gonna kick ass ... for the sheer fact that Morpheus cuts a Cadillac SUV in half with a katana ...

There's a lot of Cadillacs in the movie trailers ... I have a feeling Cadillac pulled a deal with 'em ... trying to appeal to the younger generation and get them interested in the old lady cars :P

And I just re-DLed Atom Bomb by Fluke. I don't know where it went on my computer. I need to re-DL Absurd too. They remind me so much of X-Men, but now Atom Bomb is in the Matrix trailers. And a lot of commercials on TV have it too, not like I watch all that much TV.

I hope Erin is gone for the night ... although I wouldn't blame her, that construction shit going down on the floor below us is pretty fucking annoying. Espeically when it's at 7 am ><

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