April 21st, 2003


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Wow so ... yeah, I've been recruited back into I_C ... I don't know if I'm going to go. Even though bitch!mod is gone, I'm not sure if I want to do it. I enjoy my peacful IMRP one shots that I have, but also my deeply involved SLs with a few people, even a few outside of the HP realm.

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Ok, that dream wasn't excitting at all ...

Took pics of Jen wearing the Gekka coat. It's 95% done. Jen's also working on modifying Gekka Yu~ki coat, and is possibly going to re-do the cuffs on her Mizerable coat, now that she has some left over crushed velvet.

I started working on Kami's taco hat. It's looking pretty good so far! I need my glue gun,tho. I don't like this spray adhesive crap that I'm using, and liquid-stitch takes too long to stick and dry.

I'm going to try and finish up Momiji's coat by the end of the day today, or earlier, because I actually have to get home and finish my photoshop project.

And I certainly hope that Kaede and Bunny's checks arrive today O_o I only have 3 days until I have to pay the hotel ...and there's still only $14 in my checking accound >< I don't get paid from Home Depot until the weekend, I think. My dad says that I can write them a check and they won't cash it for a few days, so I'd be "playing the float" or something. Good ... *huff*

*sniff* Lothlorian just came on Ann's iTunes ...

hot_jupiters Legolas is hurting ... hurting so bad ... he misses Haldir ... he's dying of a broken heart ... *sniff* Don't do this to Legolas! ;_;
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odd ...

I'm going to bed now, to wake up tomorrow at 8:00 and present my shit-tastic photo for my digi photo class that I just totally pulled out of my arse in an hour ... *huff* I can't wait to get into the Theatre school ... if they even bother to take me >
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