April 20th, 2003



I hate people that bitch at me because I can't be online to talk to them.

I hate grandparents that are senile.

I hate Iola. But in a good way.

I hate college because it's so bloody expensive.

I hate Chicago city traffic.

I hate pasta.

I just saw De Ringu. Excellent film. I don't usually like horror flicks, but this one was not too bad at all. Until IOLA came and freaked me out, that son of a bitch! RAWR!

I'm going to work on Momiji tomorrow, and possibly on Kami's pants tomorrow too ...

Bler, there was more I wanted to write down, but I can't think of it now .... this always happens! Especially when I want to tell Jen something and I forget it once I call her.
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