April 17th, 2003


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Wee! Got out of HD College a half an hour early.

I swear to GOD ... there are 26 ppl in my class. Most of them are older than me, a few are the same age. Most, if not all of them, are immature little pricks. EVEN THE OLD LADIES! Dear GOD! They laugh at the most inane things, bring up subjects like "American Idol" which distracts the teacher from teaching. No wonder it takes 4 days! I remember CC taking 3 last time. Fuck, that was excrutiationly painful to sit through today. I didn't do any of the excersizes, instead I walked around and helped people, because 26 people is a lot to teach when there's only 4 training registers in the room. And it's been less than a year since I stopped working, so most of the stuff is still in my head. A few little refresher bits, and I'm set. I don't think I needed to go back to college or orientation ...

As my mom says, I'm getting paid to sit there. Meh, that's not all that appealing to me. I get paid to stand around all day too.

I hate driving into the city. I never know when the best time to avoid traffic is. It's always on such odd times. Or maybed ... traffic jams just never go away. I mean, this is Chicago. I should expect them all the time. All the while, driving back or driving out of the city, I felt like that guy in Office Space, who kept changing lanes, only to see that the lane he previously exited was now the fast moving one. So, I stopped switching lanes, but then I'd see that cars just kept passing me. Traffic is so fucking annoying. Thank GOD for public transportation *kisses UPass*

I think I like Fawkes theme better than Hedwig's. Phoenixes rawk. Heyuk heyuk.

I think I need to go to sleep ...
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Bahaha! The Weakest Link lady is rumored to be Rita Skeeter!! That would be SO perfect! OH MY GOD that would be perfect!!

Is Skeeter in the 3rd, or 4th book? I get those two books confused SO much ... I thought Mad-Eye Moody was in PoA for the longest time ...

[/Harry Potter dork moment]

So ... here I am ... in class. My project is to show things over time. Looks like someone already stole my idea. I'm taking a picture from the Conservatory and editing out the greenhouse roof, and then adding in a picture of the Chicago skyline. Yeah ... someone is doing something else similar to that. Except he's taking a skyline and pasting it behind an indian sort of setting ... thing .. damn him! I had a few other ideas, but they didn't really fit the reqs for the project. Oh well ...

I'm goin' out for a smoke, since the teacher isn't here ...
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