April 16th, 2003


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Blah dee blah blah ... I wanna go back to sleep. Tonights the night that I have to drive from Bolingbrook all the way back into the city and be up in time tomorrow for my 8:30 class. At least I don't have night class tomorrow. Joy! But I have orientation this weekend, so my hell week isn't over YET.

My interview for the Theater school is still Monday, but I haven't gotten a time for it yet.

I want to buy Spirited Away, but I just spent $10 on getting that fucking disposable camera developed. I asked for STANDARD Osco printing. They did it Kodak delux shit. I was suppose to only pay $6 for it, but I paid $10. I have no money, I need gas, and I was hoping that I could save that $50 for ACen hotel cash ... now I only have $40, and I still haven't collected from the 3 others, and I have a fear that they WON'T pay me, so I have no goddamn clue how I'm going to get $150 in time for April 24th ... *sigh*

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