April 11th, 2003



I was checking out the LJ t-shirts ... and noticed that all of the 4XL shirts are out of stock ... e_e;

Anyways! So ... yeah ... I had a dream I moved back home, and I woke up feeling really depressed about it. I don't want to move back home. I like it here. I'm going to be in the theater school! Hopefully ... according to my friend Steph who's the same major as I want to be, I've sold my soul and I'll be forever lost. I don't like the way she says things like that ... it really makes me regret wanting to be a costume major. She says I'll have no time for my own stuff. Eh, I will. I know I will. Because I will make it so! Besides, an internship doesn't have to be with a theater. I may intern at the costume shop across the street, like Rhea does.

I don't want it to be as bad as Stephanie says it is! Maybe it's just because she's at IWU, and I'm at DePaul?

Meh ... I wanna go back to sleep! Mum woke me up this morning to tell me that they were coming down town for a doc's appointment, and that I should meet up with them when they're down here for my ride home. Good deal. Just a short El train ride that's practically 'free' instead of a Metra train ride that costs $3.30, which I don't have ... yeah, I'll just shut the fuck up about my stupid cash problems. CoS comes out on DVD today, and I have to devise a way of getting it ... I *will* have CoS in my hand before the day is done! *woosh!*

Acen ppl ( aka ... Bunny and Kaede ... ) heads up for an e-mail from me!
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I went looking for a Hatsuharu--err, I mean a cow plushie back pack today. I didn't really look hard enough. I know they have them at Claires. I've seen them there before. I want it for ACen, so I have a Haru-related thing to carry around with me on Sunday, or whenever I decide to put on Hatsuharu. I have a feeling I won't want to wear the Oasis outfit very long ...

I got $50 from selling a bunch of old never watched and never wanted to watch VHS, and a few of my brother's DVDs. $15 of that went toward buying Chamber of Secrets on DVD (THANK YOU toshimasa FOR TELLING ME ABOUT CHEAPIE CHEAP'UMS! *aka Wal Mart* ... it was $22 at Jewel, only $15 at Wal Mart, w00t! ) the rest I will HAVE to save for ACen. I just realized, the first nights pay is due April 24th. I don't think I'll be getting paid for Cashier College and Orientation until the following week, hence ... I won't have the cash to make the full deposit. And now Starrla and Adam are thinking of backing out on the hotel, because neither one of them have jobs, and they barely have money to eat at the moment ... I feel bad, but it's so much fun to have them in the hotel. Even being in another hotel across the street isn't as fun as being in the hotel itself. I get the feeling tho that I might go visit lilacwire at her hotel just for a bit sometime during the weekend.

I looove Reese's peanut butter eggs. They are fuck-tastic!

\/\/|-|05 1|\| T|-|3 F0R35T 5TR0771|\|G?
T|-|3 |31R|)5 4|\||) T|-|3 |3335 51|\|G1|\|G |\/|0|\/|1J1!
T|-|3 FR0G5 1|\| T|-|3 P0|\||)5 4R3 (4771|\|G
|\/|0|\/|1J1 Y35 1T5 TR|_|3!

if anyone can read that *gives them cookies* Ann rawks for making that up ...

8:45 am eye doc appointment, here I come! But ... not for like, another 10 hours ...
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