April 8th, 2003


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My computer has been not happy with me lately. I wasn't doing anything last night except sitting on my bed, and listening to my MP3's. Suddenly, Illuminati begins to skip, and the computer goes dead..... o .. kay. So, I restart it and I just put up my away msg and go to sleep.

Waking up this morning, it's frozen. Soo, I restart it again. Nothing pops up on my screen except for a warning, "System shut down in 00:50" ... uhm ... ok, I've never seen this error message before. I wait 50 seconds and it restarts again. It's slow as hell, nothing loads again. So, I take out all the CDs and floppy's stuck in it and restart it AGAIN ...

Finally it's working ... but my roomie's iMac isn't ^_^; Her internet is dead, and I can't really help her with that ... it keeps saying "specified server cannot be found." *shrug*

lilacwire, my tummy isn't too bad today ... but that's because I haven't eatten yet x.o;
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Body update

Ok, I had a turkey melt and shitty fries and Sierra Mist ...

Bler, feelin' dizzy and not wanting to go to class (did I mention I slept right through my 8:30-11:30 class? yep, never done that before ... e.e; )

My roommate found one of those match games for the Rolling Stones ... she sucks so bad. I would've won by now ...

Grrr, I wanna go back to sleeeeeeeeeeep! ><; I hate being in a mood where I don't know exactly how I feel ...

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Whenever I get a white hot chocolate made by this one guy at the Bean Cafe, he always manages to make it taste only like steamed milk, and not enough like white chocolate ...

This time around, I don't think he added any chocolate whatsoever ... damn him, I need chocolate!

Anyways ... e.e;
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