April 6th, 2003


dun dun DUUUN!

Problem in cosplay town ...

Jen IMs me last night, "I'm almost out of Gackt trim, could you pick up s'more?"
Sure, I'll do that ...

I head on over to Hancock, the same exact one that we got it at a good month ago ... there's none left.

Now, don't panic. There are 3 other Hancocks we can go to to find it. And Jen never said how much more trim she needed. There was a good 10 yards in that spool! I think ... unless they were just fooling me by making the inner ring part really huge, and making it seem like it was a never-ending supply of trim ...

I'm in a rather odd mood today. Can't really explain it, other than I feel ... odd ... maybe it's from sleepiness? I don't know ... bler
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