April 5th, 2003


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Woohoo! I'm employed again! At Home Depot, again! But that's ok, this is a different store, and the HRM is waaay cooler than Doug. She's British, so a good 20 minutes of our interview was about Harry Potter XD How lucky is that?!

This Darien HD is also smaller. She said it's a medium to high demand, as opposed to Downers, where it's a very high demand store. I feel bad now that I'm not going back to Downers. I'll miss my friends! Oh well, Betty is paying me $9, as opposed to the $6 I was getting before. ROCK!

Now I *think* I'll have some cash for ACen! WOO! And I'll definatly have cash for Nimbus!

Oh man, I'm so happy right now ... please don't let anything break this happiness ... *crosses fingers*

It's been SO long since I've seen Hook, and good God I so love that movie. The music is excellent, and now I can hear more of Harry Potter in it than ANYTHING ... well, I guess I should say I can hear Hook in Harry Potter, because Hook came first ...

And for some reason, thinking that Jason Isaacs was going to be the new Hook made me want to watch it more. Don't get me wrong, I think Dustin Hofman was an EXCELLENT Hook. I just can't wait to see the bad boi Luci in that outfit ... yes, I want to make that outfit now. Hmmm, where could I get a black curly long wig, a three-cornered hat, and a colonial coat and breeches?

Damn Yu~ki, you like Hook too?

You know you're an extreme Yaoi fan when ...
#362. You start pairing Peter up with Hook ... Rufio with Peter ... Rufio with Hook ... e.e;
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