April 4th, 2003


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I really wonder why I have so much fun with my old posse from highschool ... oh yes, that's right, because Heather isn't around. I was really touchy-feely with Petras tonight. I didn't mean to, but it was nice. Sean and I are still great friends. I'm wondering of trying to persue another relationship with him. Back in HS when we went to homecoming together, it just wasn't the right time for me. I didn't want Sean to feel he was my second choice and all. But now I think it's ok. I think it's safe to try something. I dunno ...

11 of us met up with Ann's mom for a birthday celebration at Big Bowl, this good Chinese restaurant. We made lots of jokes, had tons of fun. I'm still trying to figure out which was the best line of the evening ...

Starrla: "Jen is like Jesus!"
Petras: "If it comes, I'll eat it!" refering to whether or not he wants dessert
Keity, the prude of the bunch, never understood this joke ... I guess we're all just sick fucks :D

Somehow in the midst of our fake fighting, I managed to some how bruise my right hand ring finger. It's not debilitating or anything, but it sorta hurts when I forcibly move it.

Dagorhir this weekend, yay! Hair cut appointment! Yay! Dermatologist appointment, yay!

Petras and I made a rather odd observation tonight that we have very similar hair styles. Same hair colour, same grown out hair look.

Oh well, lots of fun was had, and now I am beat, and just a little drunk. I managed to weasel a pina colada or two out of Ann, since she just turned 21.

Now, I shall rest. I have to get my stuff together and head out of here before 1 or so, so I can make it to my appointments on time
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It's all toshimasa fault!!

I was RP deprived, and Kaede and I decided to RP ... when I should really be heading home to go to my stoopid dermo appointment.

I've been reading the Accutane "pregnancy prevention" packet like ... today when I should've read it a good week ago. It says that people on Accutane, and sometimes a month after you're off the drug have tendencies of depression, anxiety attacks, crying spells, and other mental problems, including suicide tendencies O_o;

The doctor only mentioned birth defects! And I thought I would be fine, because I really don't think I'm going to be having sex any time soon ...

Now it's getting me kinda worried. Sometimes I do get rather mild bouts of depression, nothing that I think needs to be medicated or anything, just little PMS spells and such. But this drug might make them worse ... hmm, so if after taking this medication, I start acting weird, please someone tell me? I may not realize it, or so the side effects sheet says ...

A new collection of Gackt pictures adorns my wall. I was getting tired of looking at the same ones. And after seeing the R&R concert, I love Gackt's Communist outfit, so there's the pic of him sitting cross-legged in the chair, contemplating how sexy he is.

Anyways, I should ... get packing and such ...
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