March 30th, 2003


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So, I'm being put on the acne medication acutane. I had to go get blood drawn and a urnie pregnancy test. When I told my mom that, she immediatly said, "You're not pregnant, are you?!" -_-; as if, mom. This medication causes many birth defects and stuff, so the doctor just wants to be sure that I'm not pregnant. Fine.

I hate ... peeing on command. I really do. I guess I don't drink enough water, because I only ever have to pee like, once a day, and that's usually in the morning just after I wake up. And then, I don't have to go the rest of the day. Mom says I have a blatter the size of Texas if I can hold in that much ... pee ... yeah, gross stuff ...

So, I woke up early yesterday so I could go to the doctor and get it done with before I had to do my early morning pee. Mom tells me to go to her hospital because I'm more familiar with it. So, I do. It's a 20 minute drive, as opposed to a 5 minute drive to the doctor's office. No biggie. I get off the highway, and the street is blocked to my mom's hospital. I've been chugging water all the way there, I really just need to get there so I can pee. I have to go around. I've never been in this part of Glen Ellyn, so I'm just following the other cars that have been rerouted around North Ave. I finally make it, get signed in, take 10 minutes to register me, they take me to the lab.

I get called in, and put in a room. Time for my blood. I say, "Oh, so you're doing blood first?" and the nurse says, "We can't do the urine pregnancy test here ... " Soooo ... I get my blood drawn, she goes to call the doctor that requested it. The line is busy. She tells me I can go. But ... I need to get that pregnancy test! She tells me to just get it at the doc's office, because they stopped doing the urine pregnancy tests. *sigh* So I go back home, tell my mom. She calls up the lab, and talks to another nurse. Her conversation sounds good. When she hangs up, she tells me that Glen Oaks doesn't do urine preg tests any more, but rather the blood preg tests, and that they're just gonna run that. A BIIIG sigh of relief, and I run to the bathroom to pee ...

I bet all of you loved to read that ...

Another thing. While waiting in the lobby to be called into the lab, there was a little Spanish speaking boy that kept yelling, "GEKKA! GEKKA!" At least that's what it sounded like to me. Buthe was screaming this over and over again. Anyone that speaks Spanish know what that means? I found it amusing, and I was smiling. The little boys 5 other family members kept staring at me when I turned to look at the kid and was smiling. <_<; Good GOD. The Thursday before ACen, I'm going to need to be tranquilized to get to sleep ... *sigh* Oh yah, I woke up at 7:30 this morning. It's getting worse! Hopefully returning to scool, I'll be able to sleep in a bit longer. I will have an 8:30 class Tues + Thurs, but ... I think I'll manage.
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DePaul, here I come!

It's back to school, kiddies, which means more of me, less of costume ranting, and fun filled insites into my daily quips about my roommate :D

Aren't you all EXCITTED?! Oh, I know you are ...
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