March 29th, 2003


Oh man ...

It's been a while since I've seen any Power Ranger shows. This latest one is a hoot! Power Rangers Thunder Ninjas or something. What happened to the usual 5 members? Now there's only 3. Of course you've got your techno weenie who works back in the base of operations. But get this, this guys dad is a little 4 inch talking, upright standing CGI hamster ... on a little platform with wheels, so that he can maneuver places around the house ... and he's got like, how own little zen garden and such. Hillarious stuff!

The martial arts are still pretty cool, all of their actions excentuated by the fact that you can't see their lips moving. Great stuff.

I still think we should do some silly Power Rangers-related spoof for ACen, Bunny XD. I'll admit that the Butterfly idea is pretty cool ... *sigh* we need to figure out something ... and I need to start collecting for first nights hotel. I want to get that done with before tax day.

In other news ...

I love cheese!
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Oh so full of food!

Got one arm of the Kami coat trim done, dad says we're going out.

I love Omega's fine greek restaurant. Such good food!

Just got back, the rents went for an after dinner drive. I'm so stuffed with food, I feel like I could just fall asleep :x

I somehow got my mom started on how she and dad met. Boy, I never realized how reserved and secluded from the world my mom was when she was my age O_o; She'd never been out of her town until she was 23. I'm so glad I'm nothing like her. My friends at school joke about her being the Virgin Mary, and I'm the emaculate conception, calling me Jesus a lot. I know it's a joke, but it's so oddly true. No, I wasn't emaculatly concepted. I was adopted. But still, I do find it funny.

Jesus H. Potter. That's my nickname, and also the name of my roommate's bong.

In costuming news ...

I got bored. I made a purse for my digicam/cel phone. Hey lilacwire if you want me to make you one, I can ;)

Tomorrow I'm heading back to school. Yay! School! New classes! New teachers! All fun classes, in fact. Only one of which is a requirment ... God, I am so behind in school, this is nuts. I'm just going to make a portfolio behind my parents back, submit it for review to the Theater school and see if I can get in. It's no extra charge to them for switching schools. It'll be easy ...

... right? e.e;
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