March 26th, 2003


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*puts on super stealthy ninja gear again*

My plan was a success! I made it to Bloomington-Normal and back without car troubles or getting lost!! And I had a blast with Steph and Hayley and John at IWU.

The drive there took an hour and 45 min due to constructiong traffic, but the drive home was about 15 min faster. It also helps that I averaged 75-85 the whole way home. I tried to hit 100 at one point, but I started to get scared O_o;

Steph and I went out to eat, and then for ice cream, and then she showed me around her campus and we went to Hayley's with a 20 piece honey BBQ boneless buffalo wings. Those things are SO GOOD! They're like honey bbq chicken nuggets. They even taste good semi-cold.

We all then headed out to Kroger to get bananas and butter ...

Hayley: "We need to go get bananas and butter ... "
Me: "Mmmm, bananas and butter ... "
Hayley & Steph: ...
Me: "Oh my dirty mind ... "

Needless to say, I had a dirty mind almost the whole time ^_^;

So, we get to Johns, and we wait for him, thinking that he's in class. Steph heads into his bedroom and he's asleep, so she pounces him and wakes him up. Hayley and John go to get rum and banana liqour so Hayley can make us some banana's foster. oooh man was that GOOD! A little too much alcohol for my taste, but it was good ^_^

We then decided that we should go out and rent some porn. It was unanimous, so we headed to Family Video. Picked up two titles, "Jewel Raider" and "Roman Orgy". Jewel Raider was great and funny. It had lots of interestingly good kung fu action, and lots of random things. And I didn't think porno's had this, but at the end there were outtakes, quite amusing!

We came to the conclusion that "Roman Orgy"'s budget was wasted on nothing but costumes. All it was were a bunch of people ... having an orgy ... wow ... got rather stupid after a while, so we decided to play a drinking game.

Steph and I chickened out and went back to her dorm to sleep. I slept on the couch in her "living room" portion of her dorm, just like a bum. It was comfortable though, even though I kept waking up ever hour or so. Her dorm was surprisingly quiet ...

Got up the next morning, went with her to the costume shop, helped out on a few things, sewing some buttonholes tighter, worked to hem a pair of pants, and fixed up a hole in a wool jacket. They were happy to have me helping! Because Steph's boss got to go home early because of me :D Steph was working on a really pretty pink corset.

Anywhoo, we went to eat at their spiffy student center, in a little sit-down restaurant called Tommy's. Then we headed out to Handcock, just to see if I could get anything for cheaper there than back at home. Didn't find anything, dropped Steph off, and then headed out on my way home.

I had a real blast! I can't wait to do it again!

In costuming news: still need to get stuff, so nothing's changed ... oh, except my shoes are dry, and I'll probably lace them up and see how they work tonight ^_^
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Just because I know you guys want to read more about my costuming shit ...

Collapse )<_< 30. You take commissions?: Not yet IV. Life At A Con 31. You usually stay up past midnight at a con?: sometimes 32. ...Past 2AM?: maybe 33. ...Past 4AM?: no 34. Sleep is for the weak?: sleep makes me feel good 35. You like Pocky?: It's ok 36. You've gotten sick of fast food by the end of the con?: no ... I eat at the uber expensive hotel restaurants! 37. You've gone broke from eating hotel food?: not broke, no. Just one nights dinner 38. You've survived off ramen the whole weekend?: ugh, I had to at ACen 2001 ... 39. You've blown at least $100 in the dealers room?: oh yes 40. You've managed to spend nothing in the dealers room?: I'm going to try that out this year ... we'll see how it works ... V. Everything Else 41. You hang out regularly with con buddies?: well ... Jen's a con buddy ... and she's my best friend .. so, yah 42. You go to school/work with con buddies?: used to go to school, don't work with anyone 43. You drive more than an hour to see con buddies?: nope 44. You preregister for cons?: Oh yes, early bird specials! 45. You plan months ahead for the next cons?: How about a year ahead? O_o how about 2 years ahead? 46. You've driven more than 6 hours to get to a con?: how about fly 3000 miles? 47. You've taken a plane to get to a con?: w00t! yep 48. You've volunteered at a convention?: nope 49. You're staff of a convention?: nope 50. You're starting your own convention?: My friend is ... I would rather cosplay than run one.
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Ok, now I'm sure those of you that like HP remember the trailer for CoS. Well, that one part where Harry is staring out across the lake, and Hedwig lands on a rock next to him and he reached out and strokes her back gently ...

Call me crazy, but that wasn't in the released film, was it?

Nor was this shot, which I happen to like a LOT!
Rupert: I love you Dan!
Dan: Awww, cut it out man!
Rupert: no man, I LOVE YOU!
Dan: *giggles like a girl*
Dan: Look! I'm a little fairy! *dink!*
Hermione: I know I put a pencil in here yesterday ... *itchitch*
this is actually just a nice close up of Drakkie
Draco: Oh c'mon Harry! Just one hair?
Harry: No! I can't risk it! My precious locks! I must have them ALL!
Ron: Ok guys, why did you want me on my knees again?
Harry: Just shut up and hold still ...
Fred: *gigglefit*
Oliver: No, the BIG ONE! *whisperwhisper*

ok, no more of my bored stupidity ...