March 25th, 2003



It's barely 8 o'clock and I'm up. Fuck, this sucks so bad. I can actually go to McDonald's and get a breakfast meal today! I haven't been able to do that in months!

I'm sort of wheezing too >P

Anyways, another one of my wacked out dreams I had last night. I walked into this elitist bowling alley, and their lanes were so cool! They were like, wavey, and on angles and really funky.

The phone just rang ... I didn't pick it up. It's my brother. What the hell is he doing calling here this early? Good, don't come home until tomorrow, bitch ... I dn't want to be in the same gneral vicinity as you!

Took pictures of 85-90% done Kozi. Can't wait to finish him up today! I'm so glad I figured out those pants ...

now, time to eat my really-not-breakfast-food ... some shrimp alfredo in creamy garlic sauce! *drool*
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