March 24th, 2003



I had a dream that I drempt I found my cat petrified, having died from the spray paint fumes. I think I was screaming in my sleep, but I can't be sure. I luv my kitty ;_; I also drempt that I found a skeleton hand for Kami, but it was insanely overpriced, and I bought it anyways. And I think I drempt Filia doing the splits O_o;

So, the shoes look pretty. Very pretty. I need to wait 14 more hours until I can spray them with a coat of polyurithane ( still have no idea how that's spelled O.o; )Hopefully that will keep the paint from chipping. Because there is no way I'll be able to do touch-ups at the hotel.

I've already gotten red spray paint on the patio table in my basement, and a square of metalic silver paint on the driveway x_X; I hope dad doesn't kill me ><

distant aloof cold
A block of ice can sometimes appear to be more
emotional than you. Try tearing down that wall
every now and again; you might be surprised
with the results.

How do people see you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Somehow I don't think this is really true ... I'm not as evil as Kaede-chan! XD

Oh wel, off to glue s'more things, sew s'more things, watch more war shit, possibly go out driving again, w00t!
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Completed the red Kozi sleeves with trim and all. Had to go out and get more trim for the silver portion. Got some interfacing too, for the skirt, and also for Kami's "epulets" and such. Maybe I should've bought some nice wite and gold braiding too? I don't think that stuff I used for the rest of the coat will look good on the epulets.

It's beautiful out today. 73 degrees! Woo! Didn't have to bring my coat or anything!

Stopped by Home Depot again, talked with some friends, found that my favoriet Head Cashier was working today. Surprised her in showing up again. She praised my cashier skills and cannot wait for me to come back and gave me a huge hug ^_^; Made me feel ... wanted :P Looks like I'm not going to the Oak Brook one anymore! The head cashiers were complaining about the new self-check outs and how people get frustrated with them and just leave. I don't expect those things to be around much longer ...

Got some spray-on clear coat acrylic for my shoes. I had to add another layer of red stuff because there were a few spots that I missed. Now I have to wait for that to dry >< And it's gonna take another 5-9 hours. Then, the paint guy at HD told me to use a piece of sandpaper or some of that iron wool stuff and just scar the top before adding the glossy clear coat acrylic and it should do the trick.

I just hope that they don't get all messed up as soon as I start to walk around in 'em o_o; Bunny mentioned that she used to spray paint her tap shoes, but that only lasted 1-2 days. I hope with my extra super industrial glossy red spray paint and this acrylic stuff, it won't crack, at least not all Saturday during ACen *huff* I've seen some people with spray painted shoes before, and that little crease by where your toes are always looks cracked and bad ...

I'm addicted to McD's new McChicken sandwiches that are $1. I like their crispy chicken sandwiches too, but they're expensiiive! And the McD's I went to didn't have 99 cent double cheeseburgers. Chuh ...

I think I'll go grab another piece of b-day cake ... *_*
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"If anyone cares to notice, my eyebrows have completely grown back!" --Seamus Finnigan

Alright, sorry for that dork!moment ...

I've officially changed my LJ to "Julie's Spring Tim Cosplay Update LiveJournal" because all I can rant about is my costumes. I feel so bloody fuckin' productive, this is INSANE!

So, I added fringe and trim to the skirt on the tunic, and it's looking SO GREAT! I figured out what was wrong with the skirt-pants deal. Need to get some snaps ( no not SNAPES that_one_chick :D ) for the pants part and for the skirt part, also need to get s'more trim n' fringe for the extra bit of skirt that I've now revealed.

Cut the cape, will sew it together tomorrow, along with gluing the shoulder things, painting the 12 appliques and gluing them on and adding the roses ...

If you're still reading this by now, comment in my LJ and just say the word "monkey" ... I want to see how many people are still reading my pointless ranting shite :P

I got a cool new pin from Hot Topic, it says "Don't make me get my FLYING MONKEYS!" and a pretty red kitty, and a union jack one :P I'm no punk, but my backpack sure is lookin' it ... oh flippin' well. Why not cut a rip down the side and use safety pins to put it back together? Or better yet, cut the strap and use safety pins to hold it together? Or why not just pierce my eyebrow with a safety pin? .-.

I'm weird ... that is all ...

and I'm all costumed out *falls over*
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