March 23rd, 2003


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I hate to say it, but hot glue guns are the most useful things for a cosplayer to have. Aside from the obvious sewing machine ^_^;

I'm about 85% done with Kami's coat, and it is looking GOOD! All I need to do is add trim to the sleeves, add the decorative chest pieces, and then make and attach the shoulder dealies and it's DONE! Then all I have to do is make the pants :P

Kozi is still sitting idle. I think I'm going to finish up Kami before finishing up Kozi. Maybe ... I dunno.

The extra-long fringe I got for my Kozi skirt was trimmed yesterday. I think it was too obviously long. If you look at the original Kozi, it's almost impossible to tell from just a quick glance that it's longer than the other pieces. I think it's mainly because of the extra added trim to the top row of the fringe that makes it seem longer. I dunno.

And yes, I think I'm going to add a small tunic skirt instead of forgoing the skirt completely. I still have a lot of red satin fabric left over. I may even make a little purse to carry around my digicam in ^_^ And if I have any trim left, I'll decorate it too. Wee!

Ok, now off to go storm Yukster's house and drag her out of bed. It's 1:30! She should be up by now >O
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As such a big fan of movies and stuff, you'd think I'd be watching the Oscars. Well, I'm not. I hate the Oscars. I hate the 'Academy' because they don't think like I do (which is, needless to say rather ... biased? Yes, and I don't care)

As long as Williams wins something, or the costuming award goes to someone that deserves it, then I could really care less about all of the other awards for pointless shite ... well, except for visal effects ...

Well, I got a LOT of work done today. Jen sanded the shine off of my kozi shoes while I worked on my bionic Oasis arm, hot gluing stuff to make it look ... bionic. Heh. It looks pretty bionic with a nice coating of metalic silver spray paint, it's gorgeous :D

I'd like to see people try and figure out what it is I've stuck on that arm. It should be amusing.

Now that THAT'S all done, I only have a few more things to do with Oasis, like fix up the front, drag it down the road tied to the tailpipe of my car, and get a nice little black oil spot on it or something ...

I made Jen try on the Kami coat, because she is just a little bit smaller than Starrla. It's looking REALLY good. I was trying to explain to my mom why it looks so good, it's because I didn't really have to fiddle with the pattern at all. With my outfit, I pretty much fudged the entire thing, and had to make room for my big hips and ugly thunder thighs. Boo!

*sigh* then Jen and I went to Nickles. They got a new DDR Extreme there! W00!! DDR EXTREME!! Loads of new songs I have to burn my money on during Spring break x_o;

The plan for tomorrow:
- finish adding trim and make 'birds' for Kami coat
- 2nd coat of spray paint on shoes, go out and find some polyurithan to coat and protect it from cracking
- fix up bellbottoms on Kozi pants, work to add trim to sleeves, maybe do the skirt, paint s'more appliques
- do not leave the house, work on costumes all day

I also got Starrla a necklace for her 'elf' Gackt, if she's still doing that. All she needs is to find a beige long sleeve top and bottom, and make a weird-ass cape w/ a chain on it ... altho I dunno if she's still doing it. She had another problem with loosing her job or something, and is looking for another one. Bah

Ugh, I need a shower :o
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