March 22nd, 2003


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Anyone that knows my bedroom (which is ... sad to say ... not very many of you ... ) knows that I have empty bookshelves that line the right side of my bed. My matress is sort of on this raised platform, on the floor, and the bookshelves are built right into the wall. Well, last night in my tossing and turning, I managed to stick my head in that empty bookshelf. When I went to sit up and switch positions ... *WHAM!* I smacked my head on the roof of the bookshelf. BOY did that feel good ...

And then I woke up today at 10, thinking it was so bloody late, but it wasn't! Grraar! But now I have plenty of time to work on costume shtuff, if my parents don't bug me so much this weekend.

I'm also going to try and head out to play some DDR. Need to warm up those calf muscles again >
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Sorry Ann for completely missing your birthday party thing in the 15th, if you even had it ... o_o

But, yes, I've been encouraged by the wonderful Stephanie to visit this Tuesday to Bloomington Normal!

So, if I could stay somewhere, that would be greatly appreciated x.o;

Oh, and Hayley, perhaps you can aid me in finding my way down there? I had Ash help me before, so I was pretty much driving on auto-pilot while she just told me which ways to go an such ... yeah ...

Bowling, w00t! I need to go bowlin SO BADLY. Maybe we can also stop and eat at Denny's again! That was great fun :D
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Anyone else find it odd that the approval rate of the population supporting the war has gone up since we started bombing them?

Now that I'm a bit more informed of what's happening, I say fuck you hippies and stupid college protestors. You have no clue as to what is going on, so go back to smoking your pot and leave the military intelligence to those that understand what's going on.

I spent almost the whole day today, riding for many hours in the car with my dad tuned into the talk radio station that had full coverage on the war. We've been watching Fox News a lot, and I'm much more interested and more knowledgable about this war.

People that were once screaming "DOWN WITH BUSH!" have finally turned around and begun to say "God bless America! God bless Bush!"

Yes kiddies, it looks like Bush's re-election rate has gone up too ...

And how ironic, considering all of this violence has brought about a change in the minds of a few fellow American citizens ...
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