March 21st, 2003


Way to break my rather good mood ...

I was really excitted, up until about a minute ago.

I just got back from some trips to JoAnne's and Home Depot. I got white fringe for the Kami coat, a zipper and shoulder pads.

I also went to the Depot to get some stuff for my bionic Oasis arm. I got some odd looking whoziwhatsits from the electrical department, some things from plumbing, and even a few toilet bowl things of some such. I also went to Play It Again Sports to get a soccer shin guard. They had this really awesome used pair, except that they were $14. So, I picked up a new pair for $7 instead ... anyways.

Then I headed on over to Hobby Lobby to get s'more dealies for my arm. I went parusing in almost every isle, and where did I end up finding most of my stuff? The doll house section. I found these awesome plugs with lights, a cool little set of metal tools, itty bitty razors, and some ... connector thing, and some wire. Odd,no?

So, I get back, and I'm looking in my dad's stash of shit in the basement for more wire or tubing to use on my arm. I find a piece of a vacuum cleaner that has a wire on it. It's the part that was replaced, so I thought "What the hell, I'll use this wire!" so I cut it off, and the phone starts ringing. I don't want to pick it up, so I let it ring. After I get the wire off, I go upstairs and see there's a message.

It's for my dad, but I let it continue playing anyways.

My dad has something wrong with his neck. Either it's cancer or some sort of goiter thing, and he's had it for a while, but it's getting worse, and fast. The call was from a doctor's secretary, saying that they had to cancel his appointment. Why?

The doctor was being called in for active duty.

Fuck, I hate you America, and this stupid war ...

I was trying on my Kozi pants and jacket today, both of which still need some work, and I realized that I have NO room to put a skirt on it, if I'm going to have enough room for the fringe. So ... I'm going to fudge it and see how bad it looks w/o the extra skirt part. *sigh* that does not make me a happy camper. Although that does mean I have quite a lot of red satin left over ...

I spent too much money today. I need to stop it. I need to have my 'rents lock up my money and my debit card away from me, and just get to working on finishing my costumes ...
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Anyone looking to make a crazy Kozi hat?

Because here's the step-by-step instructions that I used to make my Kozi hat!

1st, go out abd buy extremely expensive $5/yd fabric that is perfect for your hat-making needs, and yes, it is the stuff that sheds black thread all over hell, even though it's a red hat! You'll need about 1 and 1/4 yards or so

2nd, stare at a picture of another awesomely awesome Kozi cosplayer, and steal their idea of how they made the hat to use it to your advantage! (I'm sure this would be much better with pictures ... maybe I'll make them later ... )

3rd, cut a 10 in by 10 in (or however much you need to cover your head, just the top of your head tho!) square out of your material. Fold it in half diagonally and cut, and fold the two separate pieces in half diagonally again, until you have 4 pretty-much-the-same-size triangles. Sew them back together along the parts that you cut, leaving the uncut parts for the lip of your beanie (do NOT ask me how that works, but it does, and it's ODD!) and make your little beanie top, it should not come down to your forehead, you'll ned an extra piece of fabric for that. It should come a little ways down your head tho, not quite so small like a Pope beanie or a yamaka XD

4th, cut a 1.5 to 2 in wide stripe of your fabric, measuring the circumferance of your head to get it right ... add an inch for comfort, so it's not squeezing your brain out through your nostrils. Hem one edge of this strip, and sew up the seam as well in the back, so you have a sort of head-band thing. Work with your silly, odd lopsided beanie to fit this strip that will be the forehead portion of your hat. If it looks funny now, don't get worried. It looked really odd for me too, and I got really scared that I ruined it O.o

5th, for the cone part, cut out 8 triangular-shaped pieces of your material and sew up the edges, leaving the bottom part opened for stuffing. Use some of that teddy bear fluff. Use only a minimal amount of the fluff, don't stuff it full, because then you'll just have a big red wanker on your head. Fill it enough so that it will stay mostly standing up, and DON'T fill the tip, because you're going to need to bend them down just a bit (if you're going to add tulle to the hat, it looks better this way too)Here's where the time-consuming part comes in ...

6th, get a bottle of liquid stitch, or if you don't want to wait for it to dry, get a hot glue gun. Positioning the edge of your stuffed cone to the hem of the hat where your forehead strip meets your beanie top, center your cone and glue just the hem portion. This task requires some good judgement. But as soon as you get that first seam on, it's pretty much easier from that point on. Position the other seam up on the hat so that it pulls the cone up a bit into it's jester position and work on glueing that hem down. Repeat the process for the back cone next, and then deal with the side cones, making sure to tuck in any unwanted wrinkles and adjust as necessary with glue/liquid-stitch until desired effect.

Uh, what number was I on? Well, anyways, then all ya gotta do is add your decorative dealies and roses/jewels/whatnot and poof! You ... have a Kozi hat XD

Ok, I know you're lost, lilacwire ... maybe visuals would be more helpful? I'll work on some diagrams, and perhaps even do some sort of webcam deal with you when I get back to my dorm and such.

I don't even know why I try explaining things. There's no real concise way tat I put together this hat ... I fooled around with it for 2 hours for fuck sakes! It's just a miracle that it turned out half-way decent! (look at default icon photo, for those that are lost, dazed, confused about what the hell I'm talking about )
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