March 19th, 2003


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lilacwire ...

I had a dream last night that you called me ... I think you did ... but I was dreaming ...

Did you call me at 9? Because I fell asleep at like 9:30 ... I'm sowwy ;_;

Now, I must write my Shakespeare paper ...


I spelled Shakespeare wrong ... I spelled it "Spakespeare" O_o Oops ...
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Thanks goes to giapet and her "time to bomb saddam" dealie.

Now I'm gonna have fuckin' nightmares about stupid cartoonie-bodied Saddam and that retarded song in my head, FUCK!

I still love Saddam's voice in the South Park movie.

I'm going HOOOOME tomorrow! (home as in the 'burbs, not home as in 'where all of my earthly posessions are' meaning my dorm)

I'm going to be gone for a week ... that seems almost like TOO long. I don't want that long of a break, so I can get out of school earlier, like ... at a reasonable time, so I can get to work early and not have to fuggin' flip out about Nimbus 2003 (yes, I am still worried about it >< )

And Jen went to a role playing game w/o telling me. Oh, I don't care that she went to the game. I told her as soon as I was done with my Shakespeare paper that I was going to head down there to drop it off, and then stop by her place to get some costuming done. She didn't mention that she was going to role playing, not to mention it's on a really random day ... they usually play on Saturdays. Oh well, I've got Dag to go to! YAY DAG!

BTW - no offence to those of my friends out there that have ADD, but ... I hate people with ADD, but most importantly my brother.

If there's anything good about this war, I'd have to say that hoping my brother gets drafted and dies in it is a good thing. Do you have ANY IDEA how much pain, unneeded stress and torture he has been on my family? Well, if I'm truly thinking that I don't care if he dies in the war, then that tells you how much trouble he is. I don't even think that the Army will take him, he's so cooked up on drugs and shit. Oh well. can I just kill him in his sleep and make it look like suicide?

*sigh* Finals are done, I should be happy, I get a week to work on completing costumes and junk, yay!

Maybe Kozi will get finished? *shock!*
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