March 16th, 2003


I'm home! I mean ... back in my dorm ... I mean home!

The way I see it, there are certain people that post to LJ. Ones that complain about how shitty their day/life was/is, those that actually have amusing things to tell people, and those that rant about cosplay. I find that more often I rant about cosplay. Which means a lot of people skip over my posts and stuff, and I'm fine with that.

Then, I wonder, why have friends if all you do is skip over their posts because they bitch about things? Yeah, bitch bitch bitch. I can do that pretty well. I can also rant about how inane my day was. Here! Watch!

I got a watch today from Jewel. It was $7. The battery is probably gonna die in a few weeks or something, but it's cool looking. I also went grocery shopping, and they had a deal on hair dye, yippy!! So, I bought two boxes of the blue-black stuff. Maybe in a few weeks I'll have dear ol' Yukster dye my roots.

I think Alan Cummings as Nightcrawler pisses me off. He looks so evil! Is Nightcrawler suppose to be so evil? I love him in X-Men Evolution. He looked cool in the trailer when he was bounding down the hallway on all fours.

9 weeks, 5 days. FUCK Why am I so worried? I have 4 partially completed costumes. Blarg

Pudding so fuckin' rules ... if there's one thing I like about Klaha, it's that he likes pudding.
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Ok, I just figured out what that .. ODD clicking noise was that kept coming at very odd intervalls, and seemed like it was coming from downstairs in the now non-existent Crow's Nest CD shop ...

Some stupid skater kids are doing skateboard tricks in the dorm room next to me ><

God, I hate them ... one almost ran me over on the street not too long ago.

Mmmn, gummi bears make my teeth scream in PAIN and yet ... I still eat them!

Eew, that one tasted like orange cough syrup x.o;

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