March 15th, 2003


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Life is just one big fuckin' bowl of eatten cherries. It's the pits ... and the stupid stems that are left to be thrown out, but you're just too lazy to get off your arse to dispose of them.

Well, I'm home for the weekend. Yippy. What's the first thing I do? Hang out with Petras, Sean, Charlie. Stay out unil 2 in the morning, when my mom wanted me home at midnight.

Woke up at 11 today, the phone rang, but I heard my mom's yelling at my grandma before that. Apparently, my grandma had just left when I came down stairs for breakfast. So, then it's my mom's turn to yell at me. That's why I hate being around her when she's already pissed off. She finds something about me she doesn't like and has to tell me, even if I don't give a rat's ass about her opinion.

"You must be the only person in the WORLD that doesn't want to take care of your acne ... " no, I do take care of it ... I just forgot my creams.

"Your hair is so dried out, did you dye it again? I can't see your roots. It's so black! It's just so disgusting!" I love my hair black. Everyone that knows me from before says my hair looks great black. When I went to Petras's house, even his fuckin' MOM liked my hair. And his mom hates the fact that Petras dyed his hair black.

And then, we stopped talking for like ... a few hours. I went and made a slip cover for Charlie's weapon, and my mom was bugging me.

"What're you doing?"
"Making a slip cover"
"For what?"
"Something of Charlies"
"For WHAT?"
"A foam weapon!"
"A weapon?"
"Yeah!" *sewsewsew*
"Come have some dry soda bread that your grandma brought ... "
" ... ok"

Then we started talking again. Just like that. We talked about how the Irish can't make anything but soda break, corn beef, cabbage, and potatoes. All seemed to be peachy keen with us again.

We went to the mall together, and then my mom bought me a gorgeous silver and black onyx heart locket and a silver bracelet ... and 10 pairs of socks ( I reeeally needed them! ) She bought herself a green scarf, and some socks, and make up. I found out that Lord and Taylor's carries the entire line of Shiseido products. This makes me happy. I like their stuff. The liquid eye liner is amazing! Mum offered to buy me some of that make up, but I told her some other time. She'd already spent enough on me ><

She got pooped out, went to bed, and I left to go to Dagorhir, a good hour and a half late. There had been about 20 people there at 11 or so, and more came at 1:30, but then a lot of them left, and when I showed up, 4 more people left. Only played for about an hour and a half, then said I had to be off. Went to a few places, fabric stores and such, needing more applique's for my Kozi tunic.


I need at least 14 more ... I don't know what the hell to do now. Grrr ... I still have one more Joanne's to check and see if they have any more.

Everything was working out so well ...

At least I got some great stuff for lining the edge of Kami's coat *shrug*
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