March 10th, 2003



Looking for SWM/F, enjoys the darker side of life. Doesn't mind dressing in black or wearing make up. Must have mysterious side to them. Black hair optional. Not too many piercings or tattooes, it's a turn off. No serious drinkers either :P Like JRock? Even better ... yippy ...
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I know it's still sorta early but ... I have to ask now, just because I'm a paranoid wench.

If ANYONE is going to Nimbus 2003 ( and doesn't have a room yet, and would LIKE to get a room with me and that_one_chick or HAS a room as is looking for more ppl to occupy it, it would make me feel much much better about heading out to Florida when I have no idea wtf I am doing ... yah ... wee ...

And for you HP freaks out there that HAVEN'T heard of Nimbus 2003, go check out the link! It's gonna be PHUN! I'm debating on whether or not I should make a Severus costume, since he is my all-time fav character ... except that we're talking Florida, Orlando, middle of summer ... 90 degree weather ... wearing all black ... unless I did a "Florida" version of Snape XD Oh good God, that would be funny ...

*imagines Snape wearing Bermuda shorts and a ugly Hawaiian shirt* XD

wee, productivity!

I have a few ideas for some music videos I want to make. Tell me what you think!

1. Song - t.aT.U. Show me love
visuals - Utena movie

2. Song - Dido Thank You
visuals - Harry and Ron

3. Song - Gary Jules Mad World (Donnie Darko soundtrack)
visuals - Severus (mostly)

4. Song - t.a.T.U Not Gonna Get Us
visuals - Utena movie

5. Song - Safety Dance
visuals - any dancing scenes from anime

6. Song - Maroon5 Harder to Breathe
visuals - Remus and Sirius/Severus and Lucius, possibly will do this one AFTER PoA is out ... which will be a while x.o;

7. Song - Maroon5 She Will Be Loved
visuals - Fruits Basket, mostly the relationship between Kyo and Tohru/Yuki and Tohru, even tho I'm INCREDIBLY against those pairings :P

not really for any particular reason. Maybe I'll submit one (if I have time to finish it and I like it enough) for ACen ...

Yay! Way to pile MORE CRAP ontop of an already existing pile of crap I still have to do :P