March 6th, 2003


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I hate to say this and sound so naive or what not but ... do macs usually freeze when all you have running is AIM and IE? Maybe these G3's are just really old and crappy. Our school just got a brand new G4 mac lab, but we're not allowed to use it until they get all the kinks out and such, or some stupid reason ...

Jen and I went spelunking for the Hancock Fabrics that's closer to my dorm. It's actually not too far off. It would be a nice little walk if it wasn't SO FUCKING COLD!

But yes, the fabric store visit was not just to find it. I bought Gekka Kami fabric, yaay! Pretty cheap too. I got the white satin stuff half off because there was a hole in it, that I could easily work around. So yah, hopefully tonight, after class, I may hop on over to Yuksters, and either finish up sewing Kozi, or start working on cutting out Kami stuff. Yaaay! Kami stuff! Everything's coming along sooo nicely.

My head really fuckin' hurts. Gaah, MIGRANE! >
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