February 27th, 2003


I really never have anything to put in this box ... ever ...

I'm a bad student. I know this. Looks like my badness is rubbing off on Drew. Well, he has more of a reason to be a bad student. He now has a girlfriend. So that's why I haven't been seeing him much lately.

We went down town together (I seem to have trouble spelling "down town" as two separate words ... ) to the Loop campus. He had to return some books to the Library, and then we went and had lunch at the Loop campus cafe. We sat and talked for a while about how our futures are going to materialize for next year, how we may live in the same dorm building, but how I'd be much happier living alone. It's not that I don't like people. Ok, so I don't seem to get along with someone long enough to constitute a full year of living with them. I don't know, I *might* be able to stand Jen living with me. She seems to be pretty live-with-able.

So, my choices for living next year are: pay an extreme amount of money to live in Centenial, Sheffield Square, or Sanctuary alone, since those are mostly 4 ppl apartments, or pay a decent amount for a single studio in DePaul on Michigan and have to take the El to get to classes back in Lincoln Park and to the student center. Not to mention, if I do DePaul on Michigan, that's a 11.5 year lease. In the dorms, you're kicked out for the month and a half of Winter break.

And then the possibility that I will have to spend an extra 2 years in school if I want to get a full diploma in the costume tech major category, or just settle with a 3 year degree. I don't know much about the world of costuming, other than like ... fan-based cosplay ... but, perhaps they're aren't many people doing it? I know there's a huge amount of people doing fashion design.

Bean sprouts!

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