February 26th, 2003


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The most stressful time of the year. It happens 3 times a school year for me, unlike some other schools that *don't* use the ghey trimester deal. Signing up for classes. When you call your advisor for an appointment, she's booked for months. I really should've researched this school a bit more before diving in. So far, I've signed up for a digital photography class and a digital video editing class. Both of which have nothing to do with either of my possible majors.

Grrrrrrr, this royally sucks. I hate you fuckin' school. I'm trying to get all Tuesday Thursday classes. 4 day weekends, here I come!

But now, I'm being drafted to head out to the Loop with Drew. He needs to do a few things, and then we're going to eat up there. Woo! Food = WIN

Ack, my computer has gone wonky. It needs a restart :P
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From the-leaky-cauldron.org
Speaking of letters to & from Rowling...

A grass roots movement to collect letters from fans of the HP books who are older teenagers and grownups and send them to J.K. Rowling has taken root at The Letterbox Project (http://www.theletterbox.org/ ). In late March, the letters will be sent to JKR in "Harry Potter style", with green ink and a ribbon, to let her know about her fan base beyond the kids who are normally the focus of media and marketing attention.

Oh I am SO doing this. And all my friends out there that I know are HP fans should too!
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