February 23rd, 2003


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Bunny and I mentioned this ...

For the first time since having a journal, I have nothing to write about. So, this is me ... telling all of you out there ... that I have ... NOTHING excitting, or fun or anything witty to talk about in my journal ...

That is all ...
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Durrr ... uhm ... fuck, hows come I have nothing to say? Damnit, this really sucks.

Eep, someone just got into an accident outside *looks out window* eek, SUV vs. Mini .. that's no good ...

I was up until 4 in the morning last night. That was crazy. I've only ever stayed up that late when we saw Two Towers midnight showing. I was up till 7, went to sleep, woke up at 10.

There are some days I truly wonder why I'm even trying so hard to stay in this school. My classes are all over the place, in the context of a subject and whatnot. If I'm going to go into the theater school, that means an extra 2 years of college that I may have to pay for myself. This just really really urks me that this school is so harsh like that. *sigh* I don't think I want to stay in LA&S. The only choices I'd have for LA&S would be like ... an art teacher. Don't *really* want to do that. *growl* I just wonder if my love for costuming will extend past ACen ... I think it will, considering Yukster and I have already planned out our ACen 2004 costumes ... except that we might be going to Kazecon, and Anime Reactor later this year. I'm leaning more towards Kazecon, because my friend is basically running it, and he can get us in for free, hopefully a free hotel room? I dunno. Gotta get in touch with him again. I think I want to run a JRock cosplay panel, not just a JRock panel. I don't think I know enough about JRock to run a panel. But I certainly know a lot about JRock cosplaying!

Wow, so it looks like I did have something stupid and pointless to rant about.

Oh, and this whole "Hogwarts Express starts fire" thing is just ... weird ...
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Hmmm ... once again, an evening alone ... without my roomie. What to do ...

1) take a few of her quarters and do laundry
2) make her pot "mysteriously" dissapear
3) steal her pot money
4) throw out the trash that she says we should keep until the end of the quarter x.o;
5) go to bed early
6) eat lots of pudding and froot loops
7) take a long shower
8) call my parents

Damn, I really sound like a pissed off butch dyke on my cel phone voice mail. Should like ... change that ... I don't like sounding like a guy at all. Guh :P

Maybe I should ... draw. I haven't drawn in so long. I'm definatly loosing my touch. I remember coming up with the best stuff back in high school. I'd doodle all the time in class when I was bored. But whenever I try to just draw, nothing comes out looking good. Bleh

Jt(l)hM moment: Hey teacher, lemmy see if your face is fire proof ...
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