February 21st, 2003


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I need to be killed. Right now.
You deserve death! People probably use AIM
to complain about how damned irritating you
are, and sometimes laugh through their pain at
your entries. You're either a teenager or a
strange middle-aged woman, but without the
charm typically intrinsic to either of them.
You not only update too often, but what you say
is often unintentionally hilarious. But that's
not enough to endear you to anyone.

Please die.

How Annoying Are You In Your Online Diary?
brought to you by Quizilla

... damn!

That's kinda creepy tho. For the first time in a really long time, I popped Sleepy Hallow into my DVD player. And there he is. Icabod Crane, with a hatchet, ready to take my pretty little head off for annoying you ppl to death. Who cares? No one reads my shit anyways. I don't really read any of your shit either. I'm a bastard. So, please kill me. Just like the quiz pic says. Do it. I dare you!

Hey you, cloud! C'mere! I SAID C'MERE!

But then no one will have a room for ACen and everyone will be really sad, and they'll wish I was still around to make hideously annoying posts. I bet all of you were GLAD that LJ broke down for a bit so that you didn't have to read any of my pitiful rambling.

Ooou, cookies! *munch munch*

New iconses too, default one thnx to that_one_chick
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Me: I love the feeling I have after taking a shower
Me : so fresh, clean, good smelling
Kaede: that is a great feeling
Me : and then I wonder just how many different scents I have on my body
Kaede: lmfaao
Me : soap, shampoo, conditioner, water even, deoderant, hair gel, cologn, laundry detergent on my clothes, acne medication creme, lotion ... that's a lot of damn scents.
Kaede: ya it is!
Me : dogs must go insane after their masters have just completed their morning routines
Kaede: lmfao
Me : I mean ... sure, we can't smell all of these things at once, but ... to a dog, they smell SO much better than us. It's like a smell overload!
Kaede: lmfaao

Kaede ... you say lmfao too much .. *push*

and that is my one odd RP conversation for the day ... err, morning maybe ... yah ...

And now, for a snack: "Mmmn, AIR!" *thumbs up*
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lilacwire ...

The pants! The pants are DONE! YAY! Rejoyce! *gigglefit*

Oh, I'm so happy with these pants. I just hope the rest of the outfit will come out as nicely as the rest of what I've got so far. What's left to do: add skirt to tunic, add both sleeves, shoulder ruffle things, and cape to tunic, paint shoes. Woo! Happiness.

Now, if only I can be this commited in my school work ... *huff*

Ack! I have red all over my hands! Arrguh! Damn yew, permanent marker! *finished colouring the palms of my white gloves red for Hatsuharu today, too* Ooou, and I got such a pretty, soft, lovely fluffy scarf that I'm using for the fur on the coat. Oy, I have to do that today too ... cut out the crotch on the vinyl pants I bought ... toodles!

*skips off*
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