February 20th, 2003


S'about TIME!

Now that LJ is finally working, I've lost all witty comments I wanted to post in here from like, last night and the rest of the day. Oh well. No one even reads my boring rants anyways >P

Well, one thing I remember was that, I was going to Jen's, and I saw an add for the "Hotel Wacker" Now, if you're not familiar with Chicago, this might seem weird. There's a street down here called Wacker. I just thought that anyone that's not from here might think that like ... it was funny ... *shrug* ok, I'm not funny, I'm just damn bored.

Kozi update: bought possibly the LAST bit of costuming stuff I need for it. I'm really bad at judging a precentage, but I'd say that I'm a bit more than half done. Working on the skirt for the tunic at the moment. While I was up 2 nights ago, unable to sleep, I figured out exactly how I was going to do the sleeves, and the skirt.

I still have fears. I suppose when you think of a costume for a full year, you can get rather ... scared at times. I wish Jen would just make Gackt already, so I don't have to be more stressed out than I need to be. Maybe once I start working on Kami, she'll get to doing Gackt. Of course, she's working on Sesshoumaru x_o; I still find that really weird. She doesn't seem like the type that would like Inu Yasha *shrug*

I need to e-mail my teacher, explaining why I couldn't come to class. E-mail reason: because I was sick. Real reason: I was asleep ... sorta sick
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