February 19th, 2003


ho hum

Jen IMed me at 9:30 to tell me that her class was canceled. I've read 3 or 4 posts from friends saying that they're not going to class. America is so damn lazy. Including myself, of course. Although I did work on my parking tag project for my Photoshop class :P God, what a waste of time. It took me like ... 5 minutes to do something, print it out, and post it on illustration board. Woopy.

I slept in surprisingly late today. Maybe it was because 1) my roomie wasn't here ( can't seem to sleep well when she's around) 2) it wasn't so FUCKING hot ( stoners have a problem with keeping warm, so she's always turning the heat on 3) I slept nekkid, meaning I once again wasn't so hot, so I could sleep (ok, not nekkid, no pants)

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