February 16th, 2003


Oh, Dad ...

My dad has a strange ... obsession with organs. As in the instrument, you dirty pervs! He loves to play the organ, listen to organ music, watch organ stuff on tv, go to organ concerts. It's not too bad. Except that my mom and I are SICK TO DEATH of his organ obsession. I can't believe someone can love an instrument so much, for SO LONG. He's played the organ since he was in high school O.o;

I just witnessed my dad call to my mom, to tell her to turn on a tv station, because there was an organ program on it. My mom wasn't too interested, of course. Poor dad. Get a new hobby, please! THen, maybe you can take those 4 foot high speakers out of my closet >
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Feeling like shit has never felt so ... shitty.

Dad and I went out to the auto show. They didn't have the awesomly cute smiling/crying/laughing Honda that they had last year. That care was PURE Japanese. It was awesome. Honda didn't have anything cool! Chrystler had those great mini-blimp flying cars.

I was just thinking, maybe they should've made a flying Ford Anglia to fly around the place. That would've been cool ^^

Burlap ... is a pain. It's annoying. How the hell did Gackt manage to be comfortable in that get up? I mean ... seriously! *sigh* oh well ><

I want to sleep, but I also want to stay up and wait for my Kyo-kyo to appear. Aah, Kyo Kyo-chan! I miss thee ;_;

*huff* I need chocolate ...
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