February 15th, 2003


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How could I be so obviously stupid? I waited all day to eat. Ash and I went to a china buffet place, had a few too many cloves, then ... we went DDRing

I'm tired, gross, and very sick-feeling right now. Why don't I just go to sleep?

It's one of those ... things, where I feel like I can stay up another hour or so. And then, suddenly ... *BAM* it hits me, and I can hardly hold my head up.

Where are those Monster energy drinks when you need one ...

Oh yes, and my dad gave me $40 today. Spent it all, except Ash owes me $6. And I spent it all. Fuck, I hate you money ... I need a job, and desperatly. Maybe I'll ask Courtland if I can work at the costume shop again, for maybe some under-the-table cash. I'm not going to have any spending cash for ACen! Oh well, I don't need anything ... I really don't. Just the enjoyment of being at the con, cosplaying, and taking photos is enough for me. Unless they have a Yuki mouse plushie. Then I'm so getting that. Damn, how am I going to make it to Orlando for Nimbus 2003?! *slump*

So ... fucking ... tired ... *dies*
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