February 14th, 2003



Faromir from LotR and Audrey (that cross-dressing playwrite from the beginning scenes of Moulin Rouge) ...


Well, at least now I know that Audrey wasn't just a really ugly, butch girl like I'd originally thought ...

This makes me smile. Go David Wenham!
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Wow, what a small world ...

I just got back from possibly the COOLEST Evo Bio class ever.

My teacher is a tabletop RPer. He's published his own game, and is friends with a lot of big names in the RPG fandom.

Ok, so that makes him a little bit of a dork, but I think it's cool! I just recently entered the realm of tabletop, and I think it's actually quite fun. My teacher runs an RPG Club every Tuesday night. It's more of a social event than really setting up a long term game or something. It's really quite cool!

And today, in class, we RPed! HOW FRIGGIN' COOL IS THAT?!

We had to come up with a whole idea for a movie. Man, it was pretty cool. I got to create the two big baddies. It was about this Ninja girl named Jerome who found out that the Queen, who is her brother's wife, got kiddnapped and they have to go save her. So Jerome has to go find his family's sword and travel to Britain to defeat these bad guys that kiddnapped her. Well, he travels to China first in a yellow submarine to get the sword, because she went to an oracle and the oracle told her where the sword was. But the oracle lied and that's when he encounters Scorpion man (whom I created, go creativity go!) She battles him with her long locks of Death, and ends up cutting off his Scorpion tail, and Scorpion man turns into a real human. He realizes the errors of his ways, gives her the sword she is looking for, and they team up. They travel to Britain in their submarine *insert gratuidous shower scene where humanized scorpion man, who happens to look like Kennith Branaugh, turns back into his Scorpion-ism, but Jerome doesn't seem to care much* and then they encounter Big Fatty man. Big Fatty Man has eatten the Queen whole, and his minions try to defeat Jerome and Scorpion man, but they manage to jump down Big Fatty Man's throat. Upon entering Big Fatty Man's stomach, they find the Queen, and she's given birth to a son. But as she gave birth, she died in the process, so Jerome and Scorpion man cut open a hole in Big Fatty Man's belly and bust out. Jerome finds out that her brother (the father of the child) has been killed in battle, so Jerome and Scorpion man decide to raise the baby themselves.

The End!

Oh yah, and it was all animated ^_^ anime style, my teacher suggested

Now, how cool is that to waste an hour of class time to come up with something as wicked as that?

Now that I'm happy, I need to run out and buy my mum flowers or something nice for V-Day. Chao!
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