February 13th, 2003



While at Jen's last night, I got a phone call. I left my away msg up saying I was at Jen's and gimmy a call if anyone needs me. So, I thought it was Drew, or Alana, or ... someone else or whatnot. But it was ... my dad.

Dad: *in a rather loud, somewhat demanding tone* "Hey, why don't you come home tonight?"
Me: "uhhhh ... I have class tomorrow ... at 10 in the Loop, I can't" *nervousness creeping in*
Dad: "You'll make it, c'mon come home!"
Me: "Why?"
Dad: "We can go to the auto show"
I knew at this point that that wasn't the reason why he called. The caller ID said he was on his cel, which ment he was in the car. I had a slight sinking feeling that he was in front of my dorm building, waiting for me.
Dad: "I'm just pulling up now ... "
Me; "Uh ... I'm at Jen's ... as in, down town, at her dorm ... "
Dad: "Oh no, I'm at home."
Me: *awkward silence* " .... ok"
Dad: "Well, think of coming home this weekend. It is Valentines Day and all."
Me: "Yeah, alright ... talk to you tomorrow ... "
I hang up, call my mom. We talk about stuff, she mentions I got another letter that I'm on academmic probation. Fuck. I try to explain that even IF I do fail all of my classes, I can get above a 2.0, considering my GPA right now is like, a 1.99 ><

Then I go on to explain that I'm actually doing well in class. I explain about acing my Evo Bio midterm, and getting an A on my presentation as well. That still didn't seem to set my mom straight at all. *sigh*

So then we start to talk about how much we miss each other, and it just felt ... awkward. I haven't talked to them in a while, so I was ... perplexed as to why she was acting strange. But then again, maybe I was acting strange to her in return.

I just hope she doesn't freak about the hair. She's always going on and on about how much she loves my "natural brown-blonde" hair and how she wish she had hair that colour (her's is black; she is Italian after all ... ). Now that it's black, I fear for what she's going to say. Of course, I always put up the argument "It's better than pink!"

She should know by now that I like to change my hair a lot. Besides, I'll also say that it was turning odd faded pinkish-red, so I wanted to cover it up. Oh well, she'll deal. Although I have to admit that it's not a great present for Valentines Day, to show up with a hair colour that my mom hates. (My brother did it once, but she was more leanient with him, because my brother's f'ed up in the head, and any sort of argument would send him running away again.)

But then again, I wouldn't have done it if I didn't know that there would be arguments. She'll deal. I'll say I got paid by a beauty school student. Yah, that'll work. Or I'll say that it washes out in a couple weeks, that it's not perminent. Haven't used that trick yet.

I'm going to do something actually nice this V-Day for my mum. I'm going to buy her flowers on my own. Not have my dad bicker at me to get her something. I'll try acting like an adult, even for a few days while back at home.

Time to read and prepare for another midterm! YIPPY SKIPPY!
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