February 12th, 2003



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It was so nice to have to room to myself last night. Twice yesterday my roomie told me to turn off my "Japanese crap" so she could listen to her stoner music. Fuck her. I can listen to whatever the fuck I please, whenever I want to. Next time she plays that damn Rolling Stones song that she plays ALL THE FUCKIN TIME I'm going to tell her "Could you please turn off that stoner crap?" Nyah.

Anywhoo ... my day was pretty shitty. Actually, it's been shitty since ... Monday. As you know, I didn't go to class last Thursday or Friday, so I promised myself that I'd go to ALL my classes this week. I got back from Jen's late on Monday, so I couldn't make it to my Evo Bio class. I felt really gawd awful sick Tuesday morning, so I didn't go to my Shakespeare class (still need to e-mail teach and expain my abscences) and I skipped out on the last half of my Comp Graph class. Grr.

Me: "is it a bad thing that I'm more involved in ACen than in school?"
Bunny: " .... yeessssss ... "

-_- *huff*

I need ... food or ... something ... bleh
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I hope Kaede's ok with this but ... I wanted to post out awesomly odd HP pairing RP from last night. It's still a work in progress, but I liked where it was going.

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omg o_o

Either my teacher is really superly awesomly cool and very lax at grading ... or I did a really good job on my midterm O_o


I also got an A on our movie presentations. w00t. So happy!

Gotta go read the first act of Henry V, then I think I'll be heading to Jen's. More pics of Yu~ki, I expect, maybe s'more workage on Kozi, too.

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