February 10th, 2003


Hmmm ...

Could it be ... that my roomie actually ... cares?! I turned on my phone today, and there was one missed call, and a voice message. It was Erin, asking me where I was. Odd. Maybe she was asking so she could have Steve over, or so that she could toke up for like ... 4 hours straight and pass out without me giving her an evil eye or something.

I have a blister on my finger. No idea where it came from. Odd. I also have Jen's debit card pin number on my hand. I should probably wipe that off ... soonish.

Jen's out of toilet paper.Bummer, d00d. Wish she would've told me when I went into the batheroom ><;

"Give him a splur chin!"
"That blur is SO mexican ... "
"Smoooke bombs and anal probes ... "
Fuck I need sleep

"Flashing jacks ... stick 'em up your nose! It's like a party in your nose! All business in the light, all party in the dark."

"Let me ask you a question. Anal paper cuts: yes or no?"
Did I tell you, I need sleep?

Baby needs to leave me alone ...
Because you're skerry.
I'm skerry?
Yes, you're skerry.
You're stupid ...
No. I'm not stupid. Your form sucks.
Everytime you open your mouth, something stupid comes out.
Waaaah! Kyo's picking on me!
What about butt plugs? Yes or no.
.... no.
Anal balls, yes or no.
.... no.
C'mon, what fun are you?
Not very fun.
Ball gag, yes or no?
... maybe.
Blindfold, yes or no?
uhm ... not in your presence.
She knows I will execute her! Anal paper cuts style! What if I stuff you through a tiny tube? Like ... an ice tube. Julie Ice Ice Baby.
Hold on, thinking of questions.
There needs to be a new word for weeowd ...

***end of transmission***
Noo! What about body suspension?! And if so, how many hooks? It's a perfectly legitimat question. Why do people give me weird looks like that?
Do you think that your boyfriend would let you strap a dildo onto yourself and futt-buck him? Dog style?
Probably ... not.
Legolas: I would! I WOULD!
Oh shut up ... go back in your cage, damnit ...

Ok, Baby needs to get his mouth washed out with a gallon of Clorox ...
Now that I know your sexual orientation and needs, I can easily bring you down because SEX IS EVERY HUMANS WEAKNESS!
Legolas: I'm not human ...
But you're still a butt plug.
Wait, no he's not a butt plug. Haldir is his butt plug. He needs to be plugged.
One last question.
People are going to be so confused...
Do you love me?
Yes ... yes I do, but I can't comprehend why I should.
Why? *sad face*
Because I'm tired.
Ok, I will ask you tomorrow ...

It's pronounced "fng"
No, Fng!
I'm lost...
The G is silent! Sort of ... Fng!
Sex with refirgerators, yes or no?
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(no subject)

You're a cosplayer. People pretend you're cool but
they actually think you're an ugly skank with
bad make-up. Your costumes are cool but do you
even know that the person you dress up as is a
guy? Did you even know he is in a band? Of
course not! Kindly remove that lolita outfit
and make friends. There are other people in the
world outside conventions!

What kind of jrock fangirl are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I answered one or 2 questions in there that were cosplay related ... oh well, it's true :P

Time to raid fridge ... taquitooos! *scarf*

I think this is the first time I've ever seen snow rise instead of fall ... must be the air drafts between the buildings down here ... it's kinda cool, actually. It's like the snow is going in reverse ^^;
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God ... damnit, there needs to be Fruits Basket RPers online! Either that, or they need to FIND ME! Or ... for ME TO FIND THEM! I want to RP it so badly. So many choices, so many pretty boys.

We (Ann, Jen and I) watched up to episode 21 today. We still have to watch episode 18, because it wasn't done DLing.

I don't know if I feel sick, or tired. Or ... what

I really ... really should be more worried about school that I am at the moment. I think I have a mid term tomorrow, and I haven't read 2 of the plays that we needed to for it. Fuck. Why do they have to make it so hard to get the damn plays? Fuck. Fuck fuck FUCK.

Anxiety is slowly creeping up on me.
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