February 9th, 2003



I made a post early last night, but because of this wacko Mac's date problems, which I can't seem to fix, it ate it. So, quick summary of my Friday/Saturday:

Went home to the 'burbs. Got Ash to give back make up, went to all the fabric stores in the vacinity, got more fringe and some liquid glue and more apliques. Rented Death to Smootch. Not a film for kids. HILLARIOUS. Really kinda fucked up. The ending is the best damn ending for a movie I've ever seen. Edward Norton is a hippy, but you get a few good no-shirt shots in there, and it's all good ^^;

We went to bed late, like 3 am, Jen's mum woke us up at 8:30, telling us to get ready. We were meeting some of her mom's friends and going to (what we HOPED was) the Osaka garden. But no. It wasn't. They were having some Chocolate fest in the conservatory. A jillion people where there, and it wasn't fun at all. Especialy the Godiva bitches.

*Godiva lady looking other way, basket of chocolate in front of her, there is ONE SINGLE chocolate left. Jen reaches for it. Godiva lady turns around and barks*
Lady: Excuse me! DO NOT REACH INTO THE BASKETS ... please.
*Jen and I look at each other*
*whisper,whisper* She should've been watching what she was doing, then ... idiot.

Here's where it gets interesting. Jen and I finda bench and do some people watching. A 'family' of southside Chicago black people sit down next to us. No offence to black people, but goddamnit they were loud, rude, and shameless. I certainly hope the teen wasn't the mom. She was smacking her child in the face, while the baby just looked up at her like "Why are you doing that?!" She was doing it for no reason other than to play with the poor girl. Then, the ... 4 or 5 other children around her, one boy who was maybe ... 13? And the rest were girls, younger than 16. The boy saw me playing with my digital camera, and he said, "Wanna take a picture of me?" And I right out said no. Then, he continued, "I'll take my shirt off for you. I've got a 40 pack under there!" (in hardly recognizable ebonics, might I add) I just rolled my eyes, and his sister (?) called him a cunt licker. And all sorts of rude things, with this baby, right there, and the 'mother' did absolutly nothing. It was pissing me off! Grr. Obnoxious bastards. Don't get me wrong. I'm not racist in the slightest. But these guys, whether they were black or white, would've totally ticked me off. *huff*

Anyways. After that whole cherade, I find out that we're also going out to dinner in Greektown. *gulp* I didn't know it would be .. this ... involved. I'd already mootched a dinner off of Jen's mom Friday night. And mootched dinner off Ann Thursday night. So, I was feeling reeeeally bad about going to a Greek restaurant, an expensive one at that, and getting food. Well, Jen and I decided to share a plate, so it wasn't too bad. I hope Jen's mom doesn't think I'm an asshole for not fronting any cash or anything e_e; But I really had nooo $$$. I didn't have my card either. I'll pay her back soon, maybe buy her lunch today.

Man, if you could see my hair right now o_o;; I need to shower ... -_-;
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Woo hoo!

Perhaps it was the news of Mr. Mana begining the process of her Mana dress, or maybe it was just the fact that all of us were trying to be productive, and it worked.

My Gekka Kozi hat is 95% done. It's sitting ontop of the TV on a water jug, the liquid stitch drying. I painted the apliques today too. All I need to do is apply them, and it's like ... DONE.

The hardest part of my Kozi costume is DONE! ... well, almost.

And lilacwire Don't ask how I did it ... because even *I* don't know. I can't ... explain it.

BUT IT'S DONE! Wahaaa! *freaks*

The pants are also like ... 97% done. I just need to add the long skirt fringe and I need to buy more of the trim I used.

We're going to celebrate our good deeds by making a Sensational Skillet for dinner!

I need to figure out whether or not I'm going to put tulle on the hat. I think it would be lotsa fun to do it.

Time to add the appliques! Wee!
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