February 6th, 2003


Waaaah! Kyo's picking on me!

I have Momiji's song in my head, and I only know the "Momiji yes it's true!" lyric, so it's driving me NUTS! Poor Momiji ;_;I cheated and got all 26 episodes on Kazaa. I couldn't wait to see the rest! I don't know what it is about this series that I like more: the humor, Momiji,Hatsuharu, or the plainly obvious attraction all the boys have for one another ^^;

It looks like it's going to be a nice day out today. Nice and sunny. Yukster isn't up yet, and she has class in a half an hour. I think Ann does too. I'm surprised I slept in this late o_O;

Worked more on Kozi last night, begun the task of cutting and sewing together the jacketpart. I Think I've got the sleeves figured out lilacwire if you want any pointers. And I re-did the neck ruffle, so it's more fluffy and ... stuff.

My friend Ann has a personalized FF6 mousepad with all of her friends on it as FF6 characters. It's really cute. Sean's options are "Fight Magic, Item, Limp" Poor Sean ^^;

Looks like pplare stirring. Must go to the fabric store again today and find some good white jacket fabric, and possibly a pattern. Do they sell trench coat patterns?

Yukster is making a Lord Sesshimaru costume. I wouldn't think she would get so into Inu Yasha. Of course, I only saw the first episode last night. Not too bad. I think I've finally gotten back into anime. Well ... maybe *shrug*
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Oh, the fun we have

Transcript of our night.
Y = Yukster K = Kozibot

Y: He's gonna be killed
K: Kyo'ed?
K: Kyo'ed?
K: Kyo'ed?
Y: KILLED!!!!!
K: .... Kyo'ed? *smirk*
Y: *sigh*
K: SKIDBOOT! That dog rules!
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