February 4th, 2003



So, I didn't make it to 2000 words in my Shakespeare paper, but I got to the point, I didn't futs around with random crap that would just be filler for my paper. I hope my teacher sees this. If not, I'm screwed. Well, even so, it's only the middle of the semester.

I just won another one of those free Coke top thingies, and I read on the lable that must redeem by 12/12/2002. I have like, 8 of these things. I wonder if they'll still take 'em -_-;

Bleh, bleh to everything. I just wanna fuckin' sleep. Or go to Jen's and work on Kozi or something. I have anime reviews to do for ACE and I've just started. I got Fruits Basket done, but I've never written a review before so it's like ... I'm not happy with it. I started on the Saiyuki one, and half way in, I realized how little I know of that series.

Andrew and I had met up for dinner last night, and he filled me in on what has been happening with him as of late. He's been telling me that he hasn't slept alone in his own bed since Tuesday. Now, if you knew Andrew, you'd be as shocked as I was. But he seems happy, nothing really serious or quick is happening. Still ... makes me wish I had someone to cuddle up with at night other than just BiLL the cow e.e; Bleh ...

I'm still wondering about how my life is going to turn around next trimester, or even next year. Having to stay in school for 2 extra years is ... not something my parents are going to want to pay for. But it's not MY fault this school is retarded as hell.

Starting from here, let's make a promise
You and me, let's just be honest
We're gonna run, nothing can stop us
Even the night that falls all around us

Soon there'll be laughter and voices
Beyond the clouds over the mountains
We'll run away on roads that are empty
Lights from the airfield shining upon you

We'll run away, keep everything simple
Night will come down, our guardian angel
We rush ahead, the crossroads are empty
Our spirits rise, they're not gonna get us

My love for you, always forever
Just you and me, all else is nothing
Not going back, not going back there
They don't understand
They don't understand us

They're not gonna get us

I don't know why, but I felt like that song needed to be posted here. *shrug*
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Odd ...

I get into these gothy moods. I just bought a shirt at Ragstock today for $10, and it says "Transylvannia University" and it's sweet. And I'm wearing my dark jeans, and a few of my bondage bracelets, and gelled my hair and actually put on MAKE UP and am wearing my Kozi shoes with my fun red and black stripped socks.

I feel Gothy. Wee. PH34R M3
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My roomie has successfully weeded out all the Cheetos in my bag of Munchies. Good roomie. I don't like cheetos that much.
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Woo!! I got a fuggin' A+ on my photoshopt project! HELL YES! XD

But I got a D- on the photoshop quiz. Damn, she grades harsh on that quiz! x.o;

And it says that I've had one abscent and one tardy. I've been leaving class almost every day during the break, and I didn't come to class I think ... 3 times? She's not very bright in that area *giggle* I'm pretty happy :D

I'm exceptionally artistic!

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O_o .. riiiight *cough*

I need some DDR
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