February 1st, 2003


Yay! Grr! Yay! Grr!

I finally cut the first pieces of my red satin. I've begun the process of the Kozi pants.

And it took 3 hours to get it right XP.

I don't like to follow directions all that much, so I just do what I think is right, which is usually not the right way, and I end up having to re-do it.

Not to mention, I was working with a guy pants pattern, and I though a medium would suffice. God, I'm STILL wrong. So, I've come up with this solution. Lose 10 lbs. before ACen (preferibly in the thighs) and the pants will fit better. Starting today, it's going to be no fast food, no sodie pop, no chillichinos, no mayo, all good stuff. My mom suggested I try the Atkin's diet. Meat and no carbs. Hamburgers w/o the bread and stuff, just the meat. No potatos. Just meat and veggies. I don't know what else there is for this diet. But I don't know if it'll work. My other thought was to do the Slim Fast shakes. And my mom suggested this other thing for the summer, that I get meals specially prepared for me. It's called Seattle Suttons or something? Bah.

The point is, I must make myself look more like a skinny JRock boi, or I'm just going to look like a disgusting fat clown ... and God knows I've seen fat clowns ...
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