January 31st, 2003


Straaaange ...

Last night, the strangest thing happened. My roomie and I sorta ... bonded. X.x

She got her sisters iMac, and we were playing around with the voices. Y'know, when you type something in and then the computer reads it? Yah. Well, we made new voice mail messages with that. I have Good News, she has Bad News. We did this at 2 am. It was fun. I actually slept in today, and it felt good. I slept well too. Still those f'ed up dreams. For some reason, these had to do with dolphins, and Paul Walker talking on his cell phone to me, even though he was sitting right next to me.

And I'm starting to really like Maroon5. I DLed Shiver, Hard to Breathe, and Tangled. I still love Through with You, just for the fact that the DxH video was brilliant. I told myself, before Jen looses her privalliges in that awesome Mac lab, I was going to make a HP music video. I never could find a good song for just Harry. But now I'm thinking I want to do a HxR one. Or maybe a DxR, considering that's still one of my favorite pairings.

I've got a test today in Evo. Bio. I don't know why I'm not more worried about it than I should be.

Jen printed out a few pics of Yu~ki, one of them was the photo where Yu~ki has stuff written on his neck, and he's got really good hair and good kreepy eye make up. And I stole it, and now it's above my bed. I need to put up a Kozi pic now, and print out a few better Gackts, and maybe a Mana or two. I still have my Mana doll up on my door. He's been wearing his Shiroi outfit too long. I'm going to change it to ... le ciel. Yah. Because it snowed, and he looks like a pretty snow princess in that one. Yah.

TTT tomorrow! YAH! *clings to D* And you'll be getting your present :D Although maybe I *should* wrap it ... just for kicks.

Phood tyme!
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Now it makes more sense why I get psycotic after drinking a cookies and cream chillichino ...

No one told me there was an esspresso shot in it O.o;


Test results

Y'know how it is, when you've finished a test before everyone else, you don't want to hand it in first, because then you feel like you're stupid and failed it. Well, I was surprised to see I wasn't the first one done. And the girl that turned hers in first was actually late to class.

And what is it about Maroon5 that makes me feel like he's singing about a guy and not a girl? Could it be my slashified mind that's thinking this?

I need to make a music video ...

Mmmn, funyuns ...