January 29th, 2003


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Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

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<a href="http://bbspot.com/News/2003/01/os_quiz.php"><img
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Does black hair dye usually turn the foam of your shampoo slightly grey? Hmmm, Kaede, you'd know, right? We used the same stuff on your for Toshiya *wince*

Damn, I forgot my dream. Oh well. Wouldn't want to bore you guys with it anyways.

<img src="http://dvdmedia.ign.com/dvd/image/hpcos_boxlg.jpg">
Is it me, or does Harry's arm look ... very weird in this pic? I don't think the original picture had him holding the sword, either. It must've been an add-in.

Oh well, I'm fuggin' hungry, and I need quarters to finish my laundry load. I'm outtie! *zzip*
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It smells ... nice out today. I don't know really how to explain it but. It ... just smells nice. Kind of like, when you're on a vacation in a new place and it smells different. That's what today smells like. And it somewhat makes me happy.

Yukster's out of class already, lucky bastard. I have class in an hour. I need to get those things from the library, and I need to get illustration board for my Photoshop project.

I was going to go to the Ray Meyer fitness center today for their movie showing of Jaws in the pool. But, because of my feminine ills, I don't think swimming would be such a good thing right now :|

So, instead, Yukster and I are going to SEW! Yippy! She finally got a transformer for her sewing machine, so it's working again. She's got a European sewing machine, so it's got those funky prongs instead of the American ones. Yippy!

I *heart* chocolate


Ok, so the package was my books. But it was only the Shakespeare books that I needed a while ago. Rawr. Shocked am I that they actually arrived.

Petras called me during class. He wants to go to some steak house tonight that has a special on steaks. I think I'm gonna do it. I need to go to fabric store and art store today, and borrow Jen's spray adhesive, or maybe just buy my own. I also still need to go to the library and photocopy things. And I have a test on Friday XOO uuuuugh! As soon as this week is done, I'll relax with a little TTT, and then get working on my 8 ph Shakespeare paper!

I just realized that the second part of my photoshop project isn't quite right. I needed to have added 3 things from a scanned magazine or book or somesuch. I just did some wacky things with the filters of the photo and messed it up. Oh well. The first part is impressive, according to my standards. I hope she doesn't notice that the photos aren't 150 res. I need to use Andrews printer to print my photos. He's got one of those uber nice photo printers.

Oh yah .. and my watch has stopped ... need to get a new watch.

*head explodes*
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