January 28th, 2003



Being a woman ... sucks ...

I hate these things that us women have to go through. I hate being so moody and depressed about it too. But I can't help it! I seriously can't! Not when I've pulled a mask of ... I dunno ... simplicity over my eyes, thinking that I'm doing fine in my classes, when it comes to this time of the month. I get paranoid, I get stressed like nothing else, and I just want to crawl up into a ball and cry my eyes out.

But one thing today seemed to temporarily pull me out of my shitty mood. I know, I shouldn't do it. But I did. I found a MM video on Kazaa. It was the entire Brise concert video. Not having seen much in the way of Malice Mizer's happy Gackt days, this video was a pick me up. Gackt's happy singing, Kozi and Mana doing their crazy antics ... Yu~ki being ... Yu~ki. It made me laugh and smile. And how Mana can do all that w/o cracking a smile is ... beyond me. Just the fun that they had with Gackt and Kami, and how crazy they were, sort of reminded me of my own little MM group. How I miss Mr. Mana, how Yukster always makes me laugh, and how Kraha and I play DDR together.

So, I know that the band members aren't on LJ ... but I wanted to thank them for cheering me up. Thank yew Mana, Kozi, Gackt, Yu~ki, and dearly beloved Kami.

I should probably get working ... but I'm in so much pain right now ... I promise, next week, I'll ... get doing things. I really need to. Midterms are coming up, and I have to remind myself that I still have half a quarter to get my grade decent, and get my ass in gear. Spring Quarter is coming up, time to start signing up for Spring classes. I'm going to try REAL hard to not get any Friday classes, and maybe early Thursday classes. It's a long shot, but I'm going to try.

Oh yes, and I took that ... quiz, where apparently ppl can find out if they're compatable with me. Kaede took it and got an 83% ... someone else took it and they were 88% but didn't leave an e-mail ... so, whomever you are, I'd like to know, plz k thnx bye.

Now ... to go crash on my bed, wailing and moaning about how I don't want to live any more.

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Just now, I realized that my sore throat is gone. How did I not notice this before? Strange ... very strange. Lets hope it doesn't come back. I gotta see hot_jupiters this weekend to see TTT! YAH! TTT!

I got a mail package notice today. And unless efollete.com has decided to shape up and send me my books, I don't know what this could be. If it is my books, I will be very surprised. Only 3 weeks late, GUYS!

So yeah, my sore throat is gone. My cramps are pretty much gone. I didn't go to my Theater or my Computer Graphics class. I didn't go to Theater because I was writhing around on my bed, complaining of pain. Note to self: drink more milk. I didn't go to computer graphics because 1) it was snowing, and pretty outside, and I wanted to take pics of the pretty falling snow 2) My class was in a different room today, and I couldn't find the room, after oh ... 30 seconds of looking. Oh well.

Yet, on a good note, I've finished my Photoshop project early. I don't really think that my flattering photo looks unflattering tho. But ... I could care less at this point. I have other things I need to worry about more. I think.

Petras and Charlie came over. They were amazed by my schools cafeteria, and surprised that the food actually tasted good. We rented Bourne Identity. Good film. It's funny seeing Franka Potente speak English. I still think she looked best with her flame red Lola hair.

I want flame red Lola hair. I like my black hair though. And no, it's not a wig.
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