January 26th, 2003



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My dad informed me yesterday as we were going grocery shopping, that this weekend is the single most busy weekend for all grocery stores in the US. I hate football. I really do. THe only reason I'd ever watch the SuperBowl was for the $2 million commercials and the half time show. Anyone else just watch it for the commercials and half time?

Although Ash informed me that it's pirate themed. Buccanears vs. Raiders. I bet Ann and Hayley are going to have a field day with that one. I haven't joined yarr yet ... I'm afraid to ...

hot_jupiters, still wundering about your present? *gigglefit*

My throat hurts, but only on one side. I have a fear that it's my tonsils, and that they're going to need to be taken out. Mneyh ...

Oh yah, and Yukster showed me the partially finished product of my Christmas present. She's making me a Gekka Kozi doll. She's thinking of making a Gekka Mana one too, unless kyolicious wants to make her own. And she's making the scyth for Gackt, and we're looking for a skeleton hand for Kami, and Yu~ki will carry around a dirty old book. Yukster also wants a new cane ... one with a hidden sword ... and a snake head ...
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