January 24th, 2003



Why does my brother even try any more? And really, what good will it do to put a really complicated, more complex operation system on a computer that was just perfectly fine running Win98? He upgraded to XP. And he said "Oh yah, it's way faster ... " He logged off of his name so I could then log onto mine. He set my password for my own XP personalize log in thing ... and forgot it. He tried signing onto his own name again, it froze. He restarted the computer, it froze again. I walked away, he worked on it, claiming there was a "virus." I'm sitting here, watching it go through ALL OF THE SHIT my brother has on this computer, wondering when it'll ever finish. I look at my brother and say, "is there any way to stop this?" He bends over, shuts it off, turns it back on, a new screen pops up. My brother says, "Well, why didn't it do that the first time?" And he thinks he knows what he's doing with computers. So, it takes another 10 minutes (no exaggeration there) before the log in screen reappears. I just click on my mom's name because she had no password. ANother good 5 minutes before the actual desktop appears. Another 2-3 minutes before AOL started up, signed on, and then waited for a good minute and a half before the welcome screen came up. GRR!

It's now ... 11:30. I'm off to bed. Damn is it wonderful being home ...

I smell fish sticks. I swear, my brother gets the wierdest cravings late at night. He's not normal. I don't even know why I still call him my brother ... *huff* ¬_¬
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