January 21st, 2003


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Sitting in my photoshop/illustrator class, near the back of the class, I'm free to do whatever the fuck I want. Which incudes surfing the net while I'm not suppose to. But seriously. Could this class get any more basic? She says that the last 1/3 of this term class will be intermediate Photoshop and Illustrator. We're now learning why it's better to use typography in Illus. as opposed to Photoshop. We're suppose to have a canvas open, and some typed words on it. As I look around, I notice people's screens say "THIS SUCKS" and "Boring" and "FUCK" Amusement. I'm not the only one that thinks this class is boring. Apparently I was suppose to have 4 proofs of both sides of my project. I haven't worked at all on my flattering picture. I'm still perfecting my unflattering image. And quite frankly, I'm very happy with it. It's nothing like what I had intended (teach is gonna be mad! oh flippin' well ... ) but I like it a lot.

If anyone wishes to see it, give me a ring later on tonight.

My throat is really scratchy. I feared I had strep and that I'd wake up this morning and I wouldn't be able to talk. But no, I talked perfectly well today. In fact, it hasn't gotten any worse. It's just ... annoying. Very annoying. Like something is in my throat, and no matter how much water I drink, it won't go down.

I've been holding off on ranting about my dreams as of late. I think it's getting pretty old to just blab on and on about a wacky dream that I had. I have them too much. But something about my dream last night amused me.

It had one of my old OLD old grammar school friends in it. Paige Hanzlik. Her big blond head was in my way of watching a concert or something, and I just reached out and yanked her hair. Oh, that was sooo gratifying. If only it were REAL ...

I'm getting out of here at the break. I hope she doesn't take attendence after the break. She hasn't yet, and I don't think she will.
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