January 20th, 2003


Oh what a day ...

It's been quite an odd one. I bet many of you are wondering why I'm not on AIM. Well ... my dorm building's generator blew up! So, I've been without power since 10 o'clock this morning.

I woke up at around that time. My alarm clock has a little dimmer switch on it because the bright orange LCD kind-of annoys me at night. So, I usually turn it off at night, and then re-light it in the morning. Well, This morning while I was TRYING to turn it back up, I just kept pressing it and pressing it. Then, I looked around the room and noticed how quiet it was. ARGH!

I didn't go to class. I had taken NyQuill last night and I think it was still in my system this morning. So I was very very VERY lazy.

I've been told that they are installing a temporary generator sometime tonight that will give us "emergency" power, such as hallway lights, heat, and ... the network. Now, why the hell would the internet be an emergency power, if many of us can't turn on our computers to run it?

Then how am I typing this you ask? I'm in the cyber cafe with my friend Andrew who's working on his laptop, still being a model student, while I sit here, twidling my thumbs.

Well, I brought the Hobbit along with me to read, so not all is lost. *huff*

Maybe I should've brought some of my articles to read for class tomorrow ... oh well ...
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Power is back. I won't have to sleep on some strangers floor or in the Ray Myer fitness center.

*hugs Lucy* We were told that only hallway lights, heat, and the water heater would be running. But apparently, everything is up and running. Good. I'm glad.

While we (Drew and I) were in the Student Center, chilling and such, we over heard a few people talking.

"It's ComEd's fault .. they should pay for us to be in hotels ... "

It's not ComEd's fault that a freak accident like this happened. It's not like they actually cut the wrong wire or something. Transformers don't just blow up like that.

Oh well, onto other things .. like ... showering x.o;
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