January 16th, 2003



Today didn't start out well. At all. I didn't really want to go to class. But I did anyways. I didn't get much sleep last night at all. I had a bad scare where I thought I was going to vomit in the middle of the night. Not good. I got to class a little late. Or, more like right on time.

My books still haven't come. So I couldn't do my "presentation" in class. I e-mailed my teacher and asked for an extension. He told me I could. Today in class, he said that there were 3 presentations. Uhm ... that would've included me. But I didn't say anything. He doesn't know my face. So, only one person actually went. The other person was a no show. I probably should've said something. But I didn't want to. Oh well.

Roomie is leaving tonight! YES! She won't be back until Monday! YES! All alone! Ash is coming over tomorrow night. Danielle and I are going out to see Two Towers. I have no money ;_; I should've brought my Legolas costume with me to school. I need to work on Kozi. I'm loosing my cosplaying train of thought for Lord of the Rings. BAD! Bad Julie!

I also stole the pen from the bookstore. They wouldn't take my dad's check, because it wasn't my own signature on it, and it wasn't my check. Not like I found what I needed anyways. I need printer cartriages. They don't have mine. The bookstore blows. I still need to get my books from Act 1. Oh shit ...

I have like, 4 articles to read for class, which is in an hour. Damnit, why did I forget?!

And guess what? I haven't missed a class yet! I'm being good! I really am! Can I have a cookie?
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I ... have a ... PLAN!

Yes yes, I do have a plan. I talked to a friend of mine, who happens to be an RA. I'm sick of this pot smoking. I'm sick of her male companions that always come over here. I want a room to my fuckin' self. Simple as that. My RA friend is going to talk to my RA, who also happens to be a friend. Since my roomie is gone for the weekend, I can devise a plan to get her expelled. I found out that not only if you're caught doing it, but if you have it, or if your room smells like it, you can be expelled. And even if I'm asleep and don't really know it's happening, I can still get expelled too. I can't risk that. At ALL. So ... lucky for me, my roomie actually left her bowl and a decent amount of her pot here. Possibly I can just point it out, and Erin is toast.

I have such a fuckin' headache ... I need food ... I feel like I'm getting sick ... mmmmn, Legolas ...

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