January 15th, 2003


(no subject)

Holy jeebus. Over 1,000 pages for the new Order of Phoenix. They better release it soft cover, or I'll be PISSED. I don't want to spend $40 on a hardcover, when I have all of the books so far in soft cover. But ... 1,000 PAGES! ROWLING IS INSANE! The next book is going to be like ... 2,000 ... it's going to be the longest book in history. I wonder how/if they're going to make it into a movie, if they're even THINKING about it. I heard tons of rumors that after Prisoner of Azkaban, they would stop making the films. But I think, hell, if Peter Jackson can do fuckin' Lord of the Rings ... they can do book 4! So WHAT if it's a 4 hour long movie. The fan's will be happy! Except for the stupid antsy little kids that like .. never sit still during movies. Besides, I don't think Goblet of Fire is in any way shape or form a children's book. I have a feeling Order of Phoenix won't be a children's book either. It better come out in soft cover, that's all I'm saying. Another thing that somewhat confused me ... was why the British version will be 700-something pages. What makes it so different?

AAH! HALDIR! *swoon*