January 14th, 2003


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Never before have I wanted to kill my roomie more than I have now.

I'm trying to watch the documentaries on my new DVD. She turns on her shitty hippy music and drowns out the sound of my computer. Then, when she's sick of listening to her music, she plays a DVD, and makes sure to turn it up and keep it louder than my DVD. She does this ALL THE TIME. I'm listening to my music, she turns on her own and I'm pretty much forced to turn off my own. Even after she'd been playing her music all day. RAWR.

I swear to GOD. I'm going to tell my RA of her pot smoking. Hopefully I won't get in trouble, but she will. If I get in trouble, I'm out of the school. I can't have that. But she needs to leave. Maybe I should've taken that single room on the 6th floor, and maybe I wouldn't have had this stupid bitch for a roommate.

Anyways ... trying to cheer myself up ... watched a few more neat things on FotR SEE. One thing that caught my attention was Orli explaining his scene and Legolas's reaction to when Gandalf falls into Shadow and is gone. He explained how Legolas had never seen death, or never seen such sorrow and pain on a person's face before and that it greatly confused him. Brilliant. I love Orli. This DVD was definatly worth the investment. God knows that when the 3rd film comes out, there will be a super uber cool special edition 3 boxed set that'll be like $200, and be so irresistable that I'll buy it, despite owning like so many copies of it already ... wonder if they'll do that for HP ... when is CoS coming to DVD? When did SS come out on DVD, in relation to the movie opening? Soon, I hope.

I need money. Anyone want to buy some anime wall scrolls? Or ... X/1999 manga? Or buy my Legolas clone slut for a day ...

Legolas: Hey! I don't want to be SOLD!
You're mine, I can do whatever the fuck I please!
Haldir: But you can't fuck him ... that's MY job
*rolls eyes* Whatever ... shorty ...
Yeah, you're short. I caught a glimps of you in the behind the scenes. You were wearing Frankenstein platform shoes that made you like, 8 inches taller ... *snigger*
Legolas: *giggle*
Oh, shush you prissy bastard ...
Legolas: yes, Master ...

ok, I need fuckin' sleep ... oh yeah, except that the music is keeping me up, and that Ryan won't get out of the fuckin' room. He needs to realize that Erin doesn't ... want him ... around .. anymore. I should be blunt to him and just tell him to get the fuck out ...

shit, is it that time of the month? Me and my fuckin' moodiness -_-
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I have a presentation to make on Hamlet and Claudius from Acts 2&3. My books haven't arrived yet. I'm pissed. I NEED THEM DAMNIT. I SPECIFICALLY purchased the Next Day Delivery to get them ASAP. They haven't arrived yet, it's almost been a week. Mother fuckers.

And now www.restrictedsection.com has been closed. Fuck you censors. Have we totally and completely forgotten the right to free speech? If you're shutting down all the bad HP fansites out there, why not get rid of all the porno sites too? I mean, it would only make it fair. Fuckin' retarded lawyers. If they close down, or force LJ to close parry_hotter I will be EXTREMELY pissed.

Didn't go to graphics art class today. I figure that it's just more catch up on Photoshop, and I don't need to be there. Besides, I don't really feel good, at all.

I'm going to try and cheer myself up with watching more FotR documentaries again.

Oh yeah, looking forward to spending some time with hot_jupiters this weekend. Looks like my other plans are shot. Oh, and Ash picked me up the Chamber of Secrets HP stand from her work. Woo! Maybe I'll ... sell it ... or something ... I don't know if my 'rents will like another damn cardboard stand up in my room. KoziBot is still nekkid O.o; poor droid ...
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Just thought of something ...

I remember the night that we went to see The Two Towers at the midnight showing. It was a rather large group of people, all of us muddy and sore from battle just 3 hours earlier. After the movie, we went to Omega for a late night dinner, or perhaps an early breakfast. It was me, Charlie, Matt, Petras, Sean, Heather, and ... who am I forgetting ... I don't know. But anyways, we were sitting, talking about the movie, and how cool it was, what were our favorite parts, not really talking about the book much, because I told everyone I really hadn't read the books. Heather then launches into this whole schpeal on how she thinks she knows everything about anything. She mentioned how the book closely resembles the Nazi's and Hitler's need for power, and wanting to be the master of all races and how Tolkien ment for it to be like that.

Well, if I'd gotten this special commentary DVD any sooner, I would've had more to talk about on the subject. J.R.R. Tolkien never ment The Lord of the Rings to be ANY sort of alegorical meaning. He didn't want it to be compared to real life in any sence. I remember Petras snapping at Heather for trying to make similarities from the real world to it. They fight so much ... just like a bloody married couple *rolls eyes* It looses it's wonderfulness (for an extreme lack of a better word ... ) and fantasy and ... just overall incredibly original feel to it.

So ... fuck you Heather and your connections to the real world. Lord of the Rings is nothing of the sort! Go JRRT!
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